Meningitis Update for 10/10/2012: 137 Cases, 12 Deaths

10/10/2012 The CDC has been informed of 137 cases in 10 states, with 12 deaths.


10/6/2012 This FDA recall originally only applied to Depo-Medrol that is preservative-free and used only in spinal epidurals. The company has now voluntarily recalled all of their products. See the full list on this page, it's very extensive:

New England Compounding Center Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of All Products

FDA Updates:

These are commonly used drugs, so take precaution with ANY injections, including dental work. There are also many drugs listed that are in our everyday medications, creams, lotions, eye drops and pain patches. Many of these things are in over-the-counter remedies such as Lotrisone/Lotrimin, and medicated shampoos for dandruff. Please read these articles carefully.

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Whoa! I never even thought of dental injections! Seldom I go that I don't get one of those! Guess they will all have to stay away from me with the needles until this is finalized and new standards are put into place!

Thank you, Renie!

Soooooooooooooo, if they've voluntarily recalled ALL of their products, WHY would they do that? Are they admitting without saying so that ALL of their products could potentially be tainted? Because they must be losing a fortune by doing this so it makes me think that they must have some very pressing reason to voluntarily recall everything.

I don't who's worse, the company or the FDA for not doing anything against this company previously (and their products have already killed people in the past.)

Hey Petunia,
I found this statement from the FDA:

New England Compounding Pharmacy, Inc. d/b/a New England Compounding Center (NECC) today announced a recall of all products currently in circulation that were compounded at and distributed from its facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. This action is being taken out of an abundance of caution due to the potential risk of contamination, and in cooperation with an investigation being conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy.

They really can't take a chance of any more deaths, and if they recall "voluntarily", it's better for their record with the government agencies, than having them shut them down. With these fatalities on their hands, who knows if they can even stay in business.

When you look at the list of meds they recalled, it's unreal how many people can be affected by this. These these drugs are in EVERYTHING, how can we even know? There is no way they can trace every bottle of T-Gel shampoo that was made with their product !

Was there any info on WHERE these are manufactured? I did not see a country. Just have to ask!

I see some is made right here in New England.

I know alot of these bad injections have happened in the large cities here in MD.

This should really change things! Lets hope!


Wow, 12 dead and who knows how may more affected? Unbelievable that this company was able to get away with so much for so long. Renie thanks for letting me know the reason for the company]s voluntary recall. And with their backgound they should go belly up.

This gets more sickening by the day! Can't believe my husband allowed Dental Injections today! Creeps me out!

I know, SK. But maybe your hubby didn't realize it could be an issue. Let's hope that the bad batches have been pulled and are out of harm's way. I can't imagine that they'd still be out there after all of this bad press. Can your hubby ask his dentist, just to be sure? As I said, I just can't imagine that any doctor or dentist would still be using the stuff, though.