Back to docs tom

meds not working , see what im given tom ! wide awake agin through the nite , do a little and hurt all over , anyway nanite all and big hugs xx

Hi Angie, I’m so sry to here you had a tough night, I hope things go well tomm , take a list of your symptoms & hand it to your Dr., we have to be our own advocate,

It’s a process, try to take one day at a time, I know it’s so hard right now, but as you try different things( its all trial & error) you will find things that help, so this really is the toughest time !! Hang on, better days are ahead !!!
Hugs & blessings
Let us know how it goes

That stinks. Another lousy night, thanks to fibro.

Have you gone to the doctor yet? Has he/she given you something new for pain? (Oh, wait a minute, I just realized that "Tom" means tomorrow! I thought you were talking about a boyfriend. Yeah, how's that for fried brain?)

Sometimes an increase in dosage is what it takes. Or another drug in conjunction with the drug you're on. I mention these possibilities as they are true for me. But, of course, I'm no doctor.

Angie, I hope tonight is better than last night and you can sleep. And feel less pain.

Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how it goes!

hi all x ty for your replys it means soo much , my love to you all today and big hugs x ive just got back from docs , luckily i can talk to him , your right he has upped my dose of nortriptyline and tramadol to 100 mg , had a gd talk with him and expressed how low i feel like iam morning my old self , he explained it will take time to get the right meds , i explained that i need to sleep , so ill try meds and see how i go . also my son went in before me , i got called in and he needs an operation on his knee , three doctors got it wrong and two physios couldnt detect it either , he has torn cruciate ligament and he has a baker cyst that is showing , he got the knee damage when he passed out , he has problems with with going dizzy and sometimes can pass out , he will be seeing a cardiologist next week . this just shows me what strenghth we have , and i admire everyone who is on this site xxxxx i will stop going on with myself now and take a deep breath for the rest of the day x all tc xx

Wishing you some relief, angie! Hope the Doc can actually do something to make something better.

Angie, I’m so sorry about your son, but I’m glad to here he is seing a cardiologist, how scary !!! And stressful !
Sounds like the dr. At least listened to you, I looked up the nortriptyline, sounds like it may help, and the tramadol seems to be the big drug of choice right now for fibro, I did not see improvement with that, but I also take savella & the two should not be taken togeather, my dr. Didn’t know that & the pharmacy did not pick it up. I found out through our discussions here, and then two other dr.'s confirmed it for me.
I hope it helps you !!!
Hang in there, let us know how you are & what happens with your son
Hugs & blessings


Your poor son and poor you (as tho’ you needed extra stress right now)!

Had no success w/Tramadol, and others on this site have mentioned that it’s problematic. Just remember that there are myriad drugs/combinations that help Fibro,

Do not despair! It’s very good that you can talk w/your Doc! Together I’m sure you’ll come up with a plan that helps. Also, what works for one of us, does not necessarily work for all.

Warm (gentle) hugs,

ty everyone x big hugs to all xxxxxx