Beautiful Article on the Difference on Pain Management and Addiction

Its what I’ve said for YEARS


I have been terrified for years of the chance that I could become an addict because of my father. All my life my father had been an addict of something. Alcohol, heroin, cocaine. It took my doctor several hours of counseling to ensure that I wouldn’t become an addict. There is a difference.

Love, Punkin.

Oh and BTW he killed himself in 2003 when he got ahold of what the doctors said was “a bad speedball” it completely shut down his system and I was the one who made the choice to send him to Heaven…

Avenk, just be completely honest with your doctor at every level. Your fears, everything. I’m always talking to my doc about stuff. As I said before when I told him about 3 months after I felt like my patch had quit being as effective and I was in a lot more pain than usual he bitched at me and told me to quit being a martyr. Just be open and honest. You know your in pain. You live in pain on a daily basis. And you shouldn’t be.

Btw…brought tears to my eyes…


Dear Punkin,

I have been told this as well by my GP, and by some Pain Management Doctors, then others disagree. Because of my weak stomach, I have to take Phenergan before the morphine, and the Phenergan wipes me out more than the morphine. I could never hope to drive or be responsible for the grandkids if I were on it all of the time even just day to day functioning is difficult with just the phenergan, even if I cut it in half!

I have tried the Fentanyl pain patch, that did nothing for me, even used the Actiq lolipop, but a PM specialist at Hopkins screamed at me and called my GP and screamed at him saying that the Actiq was for end of life patients only and that it was too easy to stop a heart it. BTW, that was the best pain med I have ever taken, though I have been given shots of Demerol in the sternum and it did wonders for me, the phenergan is in each shot, so you are going down, at least I am!

So very sorry to hear this about your Dad, surely it was a tough life for you and your Mom! No wonder you were so afraid of the meds! After what you have been through, it is amazing that you can function even with the pain meds!

We are all here for you, I know you are strong and a fighter, with what you have gone through you had better be!

Wishing you the best, thank you for the information!



Kind of what my GP tells me, but honestly, I would be in bed all day because of the Phenergan, ever need to sleep, that is the ticket, of course it's the staying asleep that is the tough one!

SK, thank you for the encouraging words. I try to be strong. I’ve Learned that you can never make everyone 100% happy and that’s not your fault and that I am the keeper of my life and by f84$ing god I’m going to try and live it to the fullest be damned if pain is going to keep me down. Although most days it does. If I don’t have anything to do you’ll find me laying in the dent I have created in my mattress…lol and my house has suffered bwhahahaha. Anyways, I would have been scared poopless if my doc had given me the lollipop! Yes those are for the end of life. What worries me is that when the patch didnt do anything for you he didnt try something else before putting you on the lollipop. Question does the morphine make you “high” or just sleepy? See people always ask me how n the heck I am verticle. Lol. And as the article touched on. Opiates prescribed to pain patients don’t usually give us the “high” feeling because in short we need it. Now the night of the accident the ER doc gave me a shot of demerol because my back and neck felt like someone had doused me in gas and lit the fuse and that gave me the high feeling and it scared the crap out of me.

Anyways thank you for your kind words.

Gentle Hugz

Here is the Web MD article that’s listed in the article.

Oh, I had the lolipop first, guess that's why the patches didn't do jack! I have such a tough time with meds, allergic to many antiboitics, and adverse reactions to codeine, and so many make me sick even with the phenergan on full dose!

Oh I have been warned of euphoria, I told them I would let them know if I ever reached a blissful state! HA! Not with this back and body! No high here, mostly just knock down, although once in a great while I can seem to handle the Phenergan, and I will actually be able to get up and get some things done, but no 'highs'!

When I was brought in by ambulance after being rear-ended the third time and there were no broken bones on the x-rays that ER Doctor would not even give me a tylenol! He is from the state of mind that narcotics make the pain worse. He was so condescending with me that I just stopped speaking to him, as I feared I would 'go after him' then and there! He must have thought I put myself in a position to be hit to go to the ER by ambulance just to get drugs, oh sure, do your hair, put on your make up, put your business suit on to go to work, get into a new truck (I bought a truck so I wouldn't have to shovel it out when it snowed, could just go through it) and let someone plow into me going between 40-50 miles and hour, never touching their brakes! What a clown! Another one who should have been a pathologist!

Have you talked to your doc about maybe trying half to see if you can tolarate it without not dozing off?

I am so very happy that you have decided to take care of yourself. Pain is hard on the body physically and mentally. I wish there were more docs out there that realized that if you get us out of pain or a large chunk of the pain taken care of then mentally we could be much more healthier.

Gentle Hugz

Bless you girls!

I bet it was horrendous growing up with someone with drug addiction. That has got to be hard. I have grown up with a mum who has been in and out of hospital because "there's something wrong with mummy's tummy but they don't kow what it is yet". Now I know its because she keeps ODing. They still try to deny it but I'm not stupid, like you're not stupid either. You know exactly what they're doing. It's so sad and I'm sorry you lost your dad Punkin. Big hugs and lots of love sweetie.

I'm glad you are recieving some decent medication now. I am very jealous in a way because I have only received tramadol for 7 long ass miserable years. I have cried and lost the will so many times but got the shoulder shrug treatment from my docs and specialist. How bad is that?! Thats disgusting isn't it. I ignored them for the last 3 years then because I have been reaaly peed off. But I have tried again recently and got no help from the doc, but I am hoping I will get help from the pain mgmt team in a couple of weeks. Can't sleep at the mo hardly coz I feel like doo doos all the time and sh scared they will turn their back on me again. I swear I will find the strength to kick some a** if they do!! So if I go quiet for a few days you will know why lol

You need the medication to give you some quality of life, so don't worry about what other people think or have done. That's their problem. You are good people who need help to get through this hard life of pain and suffering.

Huge but gentle hugs