Best shoes for Fibro foot pain? Suggestions please

Hi everyone, I am finding the worst and most limiting symptom about my fibro at this stage is not the weakness, but the unbearable foot pain. I can't walk barefoot for more than a few minutes. I have to wear sneakers everywhere and not just any kind of sneakers- The classic kind Reeboks work best so far. I am going broke trying all kinds. I am hoping someone can recommend brand names and models....

I am desperate for help with this. My feet are sore especially on pads. I can't stand for more than 5 minutes in place. And I can't walk for more than 30 minutes. It's debilitating.

Thanks, all. for your help :)


Hmmm, if you had said that you were sore in the heels, I would have suggested shoe inserts. You might want to go to a foot doctor to see if inserts would help. Mine saved my life.

I'm sorry that I don't have shoe recommendations because I wear Cobby Cuddlers, which are comfy for me but don't know if they'd help with sore pads. I'm sorry you feel that way cause I've had it happen on occasion and it's really miserable. I hope other can help you in the shoe department.

Hi Petunia,

They are sore on the bottoms mostly on my heel, but I think that's because that's where most weight rests....

Thanks for advice.

Have nice day tomorrow.


Before you try any other shoes you may want to check in inserts. I have found that most Merrill shoes hane a removable insert so that you will get a good fit when you use gel or custom inserts.

I wear sketchers, the new kind they advertise thats suppose to strengthen your leg muscles and firm up your fanny. I don't wear them for that reason though. I wear them so that I can stand to be on my feet. Going to a mall was out of the question before I found them, but now I can handle the mall pretty well. That is if I am not already tired before I go. Hope this helps some. My husband has plantar facitius and his heal hurts. His doctor has him roll his foot around on a golf ball for exercise, and stretching the calf muscles. Sue

HI Baltimore Baby!

Here is what I wear, I go to a store where they measure and fit my foot! That is very important, if your feet swell, make sure they know it! These are not gorgeous, but they will not only help the pain, but keep the ankle from turning!

Hello , i have a lot of problems with my feet and sneakers are a tuff one for me… To invest in a pair,
Is not easy. When I wear the ones I have , ( had forever) I get numb with pain from the waist down. i dont have a choice in the winter but to where them when i go out. I had bought a different pair and they kill my lower back. I thought about buying the custom inserts from dr. Scholl . They have the custom machines in some walmarts. I resort to slippers all the time and wear them out quickly! I recently went on tempur pedic site and the sell slippers ! ( for a price) Can’t wait to purchase. Fibroerr. Lisa

Hi fibroerr,

I wear slippers too, but for mostly when I will be sitting. If I attempt to stand or walk for substantial periods in slippers, it kills my back and legs, I really need the support from my 'combat sneakers', as my son calls them!

Thanks, everyone for your support and suggestions. I will try them out! I can't wait for relief.