Bladder pain

I am having horrible bladder pain. I am getting freqent UTI due to immunosupressant meds. I used to get a rare UTI and got feeling better shortly after starting an antibiotic. Now it continues to hurt even after the antibiotic is gone and I have rechecked urine and the infection is gone. I went to a urologist and he did a cystoscopy (camera in bladder) and he said everything looks normal and its not interstycial cystitis-its from fibromyalgia.Anyone else? What has worked for you?

i get bladder cramps and i dont know why.ive had a scan done and it was fine so its probably my fibro

hi janiceh. i think if i were you and having such awful pain in your bladder i would bring my reports and get a second opinion.

this is horrid pain. i have had similar experiences as you did but it was before becoming ill so i can not say it was related in my case. all the best.. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


ps. i used to use cranberry gel caps.. didnt do the juice cause of all the sugar which is not helpful.. good luHUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS


1st & foremost, please call & Inform/Ask the PCP if you can try alternative herbal treatments. To make sure the herbs won't goof up the system of care you are on.

I have been growing (because I cannot afford to buy the tea bags) organic herbs. Rose, Goldenrod, Pepper, Spear & Catmints, Plantain, Dandilion, etc. One of my sisters' gave me an herbal book (God sent it I am most sure!!!) This year I got myself a bumper crop of Goldenrod flowers. For urinary problems I make a tea of dandilion leaves (2) & goldenrod flowers (tablespoon) To make it taste good I will add spearmint leaves or some sliced ginger, or oooooh my favorite flavoring EVER, ground cloves!!! Or whole cloves, great, now I have to go make some tea!

Okay I am back, check out what you can on the internet & see what you can find. M

Alright- I am going to get another opinion. It is so nice to hear from people that understand. Thanks!