Bones spurs anyone?

They are just nasty little things that can really shoot up the pain levels! I have heard of people having theirs 'chiseled off', I may have too many in too many different places for that !

Oh, no, SK! Mother of God, that' awful! I'm sure you're already aware of it. I truly know how you won the unlucky health lottery but you sure the Hades did. Bone spurs are nasty and evil things. I only have them on my heels, not all over like you. Do you know what's causing them? Can you get rid of some of them?

Well, you do have my whole hearted sympathy. I imagine that like fibro, they must bother you every single day. And oh, yes, the fibro must make them hurt even worse. Feckers!

Not fun, kid! but the Rheumy says that chiseling them off doesn't solve the problem! NOT what I wanted to hear, believe me!

No, not at ALL the response you wanted to hear. So you can do nothing for them? As my grandfather would say: GD F.

I’ve got one on the top of my foot. I can feel it under the skin and it hurts like heck!

So far I know of left knee, ankle, foot, at the ball of the foot. Who knows what my back has to offer!

I have this also. My feet. it is hard to walk. Can't go for long walks. I was thinking of having them cut off also.

Yes SK they do hurt and can cause damage. Before I had cervical spine surgery. I was collapsed at 4/5-5/6 with bone spurs compressing the spinal cord. I was having nerve pain in both arms and down my right leg. They removed the spurs during surgery. I still have moderate spurring in my rotator cuff (right shoulder) but will not....repeat WILL NOT be having anymore surgeries anytime soon. As I believe having a hysterectomy and 6 mos later spine surgery thru me into fibro at the speed of light! I believe I have had fibro for a long time but I think the surgeries caused a major flare that just wont leave!

Hugs, Tina

What's causing them, SK? And truly terrible places for them to arise joints. Just where you least need them. Yeah, I'm wondering if some of your back pain is also from bone spurs.

They can't use a laser to laser them off?

Not your feet, presumably. Okay, stupid joke. Are they on the bottom or top of your foot?

I have them on the left knee, ankle and joint of the ball of foot. Who knows what is on the rest of me by now. Some days I cannot get my left foot into my largest, and most givng of shoes, my best of shoes are what my son calls my 'combat sneakers'! They are the ones with the bar reinforcement that helps stabalize the foot to keep the foot from rolling and taking me down.

Wonder if this is taking you down, your foot rolling over, and turning your ankle. These new balance 926 are the best. Last year I needed to add a new white sneak and I went down to a less severe one, and I can tell a tremendous difference in how my feet, ankle and knees feel. It was a mistake. So I need to forget the asthetics of dress, and go for stability. I am always gonna look better upright in a sensible combat sneaker, than face down on the pavement with broken bones!

These are also available in black, for 'dress' and winter! HA!

Adapt, we need to adapt, girlfriend!

Good God girl! Talk about something painful! My heart truly goes out to you on this! You had NO CHOICE but to have this taken care of! None!

As to the spurs I have, I asked my Rheum about having them chiseled off, he said it would not help the problem, though I have worked with girls who had them taken off their heels, they said it made it a little better, a little less painful, but the problem was still there. Again, as far as yours, no choice!

Yes, I agree that this could very easily thrown you into fibro. Though none of us are Doctors, we have a good idea about our bodies by now and what is happening. Many of us have worn out more than one computer researching our ills.

So you have certainly been dxed with arthritis, right? I don't know any other cause of these spurs, do you?

I have PsA. Not fun!

Oh no, not you too, VikingLady! Read my other postings, on down about what my Rheum told me. You may not have any choice either though! My heart is with you all, these are so painful!