Calcium/magnesium/vitD3 The key is balance

As my Chiropractor has often stated, to work properly these vitamins need to be properly balanced, this article confirms and explains why!

please always consult with your Doctors before adding any supplement, as it may not go well with your meds or conditions!

Hope this is helpful to all!

My calcium was low on my last lab, but my magnesium was good. Somehow I'm not absorbing the calcium. My protein levels are always low too even though I eat lots of it. I know with my malabsorption problems this can happen. I might need to take a pre-measured form of calc/mag. like your link mentions. Something that I'm doing, or my body is doing is not right.

I LOVE how you always add the caveat to talk to a doctor first before going on any supplement. How right you are! My doctor wasn't pleased when I said I was thinking of going on D-Ribose because it's unregulated by the FDA so you don't know what's in it. She said that viatmins are pretty safe though. SK mentions Douglas Lab as a source for vitamins and while they cost more, from what I've read, they are the original manufacturer of a lot of the items and don't put lower dosages in or substitute things like the cheaper varieties often do.