Cold Weather/ Worsening Symptoms

Hi All. This winter seems to be worse for me than the last. I've had FM since 3/12 and the first winter didn't seem to add to the pain. But the more I read here, it seems that FM is progressive, and this winter I've gone from 5 hrs of activity to 3 or 4 before the FM pain starts to set in worse. Also, I'm having all sorts of Brain Fog issues on an intermittant and increasingly creative manifestation. I can't tell if it's age or FM sometimes. I try to stay positive and hope the spring and warmer weather will bring a respite back to a more active life, but for now, I'm doubtful about progress with the pain situation and am doing my best to manage it from here. I have gratitude for all that is in my life and look forward to the spring when I will plant some bulbs and have gladiolas and dahlias to show for it!


I too have found this past winter extremely difficult; if not the amount of snow, [too much shoveling], and the cold, [where it feels like you will never warm up] and the ache that comes from being too cold. Just plain craziness!!! I can recall about 5 years ago that I never even wore socks during the winter, oh how that has changed. I totally agree that my symptoms seem to get worse in the cold, luckily where I live the cold is a dry cold instead of damp.

I know almost of all of us seem to suffer from the winter, but it isn't awesome that spring and summer are just around the corner. I keep trying to focus on the positive and I so appreciated you mentioning gladiolas and dahlias. I can't wait to sit with the flowers this summer. Do you do a lot of gardening?

I also can connect to your comments of wondering whether this is fibro fog or aging or both. I am leaning towards both for myself. Life can be challenging, but then again if ran smoothly all the time, I think I would get bored and wonder if I was really living.

I hope you day is full of health friendly surprises.



I agree, it's been a very long, hard winter! Besides the rain, snow, wind, dampness, and cold, the barometric pressure gets me too! We had 66 degree weather one day, 8 inches of snow the next, and it just slays me!

My Rheum explained the 'fog' as "chronic pain and lack of proper sleep due to chronic pain", so it's the substance P factor, for sure! Of course age is always a consideration for us, but I've had a lot of good years and fond memories, and I too look forward to Spring, allergies and all! I'm ready to be out and about and watch the flowers bloom! I'm a tulip fan, when we bought this little cottage, we had planned to name it 'Tulip Hill', but of the hundreds of bulbs we planted, very few remain, they must be as tasty to the myriad of animals as they are lovely to me, so we never did name the place! ha!

Wishing you well,


I've actually been watching the barometric pressure, and humidity readings, trying to relate it to my pain and stiffness levels. It rained all night, into the morning, however the barometric pressure has remained in the normal range, so the 86% humidity reading must have a tremendous impact as well. Of course it makes sense that humidity would affect an Arthritic, I'm just surprised that the pressure reading remained normal, in many cases it plummets!

As you can see, am still investigating the barometric pressure!

Any thoughts? Any Meterologists out there?

I’m new here, and have been perusing all of the discussions, and came the the same conclusion: fibromyalgia is progressive. However, a quick Google search showed that the medical community disagrees. Once you have it , you have it. Most patients will have flares when symptoms can be at their worst, but usually they can be treated or managed. Remember, most people who are living well with their fibromyalgia aren’t here…they are out doing fun stuff and living life. So the comments here may not be typical of how fibro usually behaves. :slight_smile: Anyway, this information was a relief to me and I hope it is for you too. One chronic progressive disease is enough for me!

This has been a really hard winter for me too. I have psoriatic arthritis and my symptoms have been nagging me all winter. The fibro hasn’t been kind either. Like SK, I am sensitive to the barometric pressure. So when it’s raining or snowing, that deep ache settles in for an uninvited visit.

Something that I do when I am feeling especially gloomy from the winter is to go to a tanning bed. I put sunblock on and crawl in for a bit. I get out feeling much more alert and refreshed. I have also used it when I get really stiff from the PsA.

I am wishing you warm, sunny weather, and enough energy to get out and play in your garden. Until then, stay hopeful and positive. :smiley: