Cymbalta and Head Sweating

Does ANYONE know if there is anything short of stopping the Cymbalta I can do to stop or even reduce the Profuse sweating I get on my face and head from Cymbalta? I take Cymbalta for both fibromyalgia and depression and am so tired of having my face dripping and my hair drenched.

Wow......thank you so much for your post. I have been on Cymbalta for a year now and have been having terrible (face) hot flashes too. I just realized it started shortly after being on Cymbalta. I had no idea it could be related to that! I have been carrying one of those fan/misters and it helps a lot.....not very good for the make up though :)

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me too - I've been on it for years but never made the connection before. I attributed it to menapause. Thansk for posting!

I found this information on E-How. Can't say how well any of it works, just thought I'd pass it along, since apparently a lot of people suffer from this side-effect:

How to Counteract Hyperhidrosis with Cymbalta

Whether you're taking Cymbalta for a generalized anxiety disorder or to treat a condition causing chronic pain, this prescription drug may cause the side effect of excessive sweating. Most people experiencing this side effect, also known as hyperhidrosis, notice an increase in sweating on the palms of their hands, the soles of their feet and their underarms, but you may suffer from an escalation in perspiration anywhere on the body. Besides talking to your doctor about switching medications, you may be able to counteract this acquired hyperhidrosis.

Things You'll Need

  • Antiperspirant
  • Anticholinergics
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      Apply an antiperspirant. One of the easiest things you can do to help counteract hyperhidrosis as a result of Cymbalta is to start using an antiperspirant, even on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Regular antiperspirants can be worn throughout the day, but prescription antiperspirants can often help mild-to-moderate sweating. Simply apply this product to trouble areas before bed, and then wash off in the morning.

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      Wear natural fibers from your head down to your toes. Natural fibers tend to "breathe" more than their synthetic counterparts, so wear clothing and socks made of cotton (or even wool) and shoes made of leather, woven materials or wicking fabrics (as would be the case in athletic shoes). This will keep you cool and help to counteract the hyperhidrosis.

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      Talk to your doctor about anticholinergics. This type of prescription medication controls certain neurotransmitters that are telling your body to sweat, so taking an anticholinergic like glycopyrrolate can counteract the excessive sweating that Cymbalta causes.

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      Try using iontophoresis, a transdermal therapy in which low-level currents essentially impede the release of sweat. Usually isolated to the hands and feet, treatment is administered each day for two to three consecutive weeks until sweating lessens. To learn more about this treatment, talk to your family physician.

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      Start using Botox. While this isn't necessarily the cheapest option, Botox can eliminate excessive sweating anywhere it is injected. The number of injections needed will vary from person to person, so consult your doctor to see if this is a feasible option for you

Tips & Warnings

  • When suffering from hyperhidrosis due to Cymbalta, make sure to bathe each day and dry yourself fully. Since you're experiencing an increase in perspiration, you want to ensure that your body doesn't become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. By regularly bathing as well as drawing excess moisture away from the skin, you can keep infections at bay. Consider changing your socks (or simply removing them) after you return home from work. This can also help stave off bacterial infections as well as keep your feet dry and comfortable.

  • Prescription antiperspirants can often irritate the skin, so washing off this medicated solution each morning should keep the skin from swelling and reddening. Before turning to a prescription antiperspirant, make sure to try the over-the-counter variety.

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That happens to me and I live in the UK where the weather is at best dull. What may help with the sweating is paracetamol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen (advil) when you notice it is getting bad. These have an antipyretic effect and can reduce sweating. Mikex

I am on Savella and have the same side effect. When I go to my exercise class, my hair gets so sweaty that it looks like I just came out of the shower! My son has the same problem with Abilify–for his autism. We are both hot all the time and constantly need a fan blowing on us. I just picked up a Kool Tie for each of us at a sporting goods store. You submerge them in water for 45 minutes and then wearit around your neck. They are madein Arizona–you could probably get one on-line. It says on the label, "Kool Tie will provide a personal evaporative cooling system for the major vascular network including the carotid arteries in the neck, lowering the heart rate. Athletes achieve higher levels of performance with less exertion while wearing Kool Tie."
And, I always dress in layers so I can whip off the long sleeves or zip off the long pants to make them shorts. It is just a part of my life now–to have hot flashes all the time.

In the morning all I have to do is slowly walk about the house doing minor things and or slowly walking through a store and in a few minutes my hair is completely drenched as if I took a shower and didn't even towel dry my hair and my face is profusely dripping. Obviously antipersperant won't work, I'm VERY allergic to tylenol. I'm on too many antiflammatories to take ibuprofen.

I know I'm a problem child. I wonder if there is an antipersperant shampoo.

This sounds like a great tip!

I have been off Cymbalta for nearly a year and I continue to have this problem. It especially a problem when I rush around to get things done and I drip all over the place. Disgusting but I haven’t found anything to help. I’m glad I’m not alone but at the same time I’m sorry anyone has to deal with this. Slowing down does seem to keep it from happening at times but any exercise and I am all wet!

This is so totally makes sense to me now! I have also been using the medicated Gold Bond powder and that really helps cool me down. It has a lasting cooling effect, and it has essential oils in it so it smells kind of herbal to me.

Hi, when I first started taking the cymbolta for my Fibromylgia I sweat all the time, it was dripping off my face, hair, neck, even the palms of my hands were sweaty. But, now after being on it almost a year- I am sweating less.

I drink a lot of bottled water, I even carry a bottle in my purse with me. And, I carry lots of paper napkins incase I start sweating.

I switched to a powder base makeup (which you can do) if you are female. And now, I use that on my face, and I hardly sweat at all, unless I am out in the heat gardening or weeding. Also, now I either drape a scarf around my hair to control the sweat or I wear a hat.

These are only my suggestions. I know it becomes annoying, I was at my daughter's Navy graduation last Sept, and everyone in the room was freezing, not me I was sweating. Just bare with it.

I LOVE that stuff! Use it when my feet itch or when I've got a heat rash. It's so refreshing. Glad that it helps to cool you down. I can see how it would, it does feel like it cools.

Oh My Good! Thank you so much for your post because I had no idea the sweating I was going through was from Cymbalta. The mystery is solved. I thought there was something wrong with me. Unfortunately I don't have any help to offer - but lots of stories about this darn sweating. Like the one where I was serving food to a guest and my hair was soaking wet and my sweat dripped onto the plate.\ as I was handing it to her. It is so embarrassing and I walk around with wads of kleenex in my pockets and sometimes with folded paper towels because they absorb better. Actually, it doesn't feel like 'sweating' - just that I get wet. But because the Cymbalta helps me so much I guess I have no choice. I am like you and only get it on my face and hair. God bless us.

I was wondering about this also. I started getting botox shots for migraines and no longer sweat on my head. These sweats are crazy.

Oh my goodness… I have the same thing. I stopped Cymbalta for Savella/Lyrica but it has continued. I thought it was early menopause. I even had hormone testing but it was all normal. I’m going to keep checking back to see how others have dealt with this annoying problem. It’s so embarrassing.

Oh I am glad for the responses I to am on Savella and the sweating and wet hair has been horrible lately and did not know why it was happening, it started not to long ago and I have only been on the Savella for a few months so now it makes sense. Thank you every one. Hugs Kisses and Prayers to all.


i am so sorry! i'm a hair dresser, I would advise to use a dry shampoo daily. you can also add a body powder like gold bond. put some in your palm and really rub together, then take your hands and plunge in to the scalp and get powder in. i had thyroid cancer so i recognize possible symptoms for thyroid issues. i also use cymbalta for depression and pain. have your thyroid tested, your tsh, also if u have any antibodies from the thyroid, if your t3 is making t4 for your body. don't let them just say your ok, or borderline. my cancer dr said that some people are hospitalized at a 3 on the scale. everyone is too different to use current scale which is 0 to 5. also have an ultrasound as soon as you can. insist on it. if you have nodules like i did and your thyroid is not working right. that makes sweating insane. carry a face powder and really powder your hairline and neck and chest area. don't fluff it on, get wide cosmetic rounds and really push it in your skin. also get a fan brush so you can brush off excess in moments. that will help as well. my guess is your thyroid is noy happy. had i listened yo my gp, i would probably be dead. find a thyroid dr and go! let us know how ur doing.

THANK YOU for clearing the sweating up and matchign it with the Cymbalta...what about it making ouyur heart feel like ur blood pressure is out of control?

Corinne--I take Savella and have that issue with Savella. It is definitely one of the side effects of Savella. I take my pill in the morning AFTER I work out so it minimizes the heart racing issue. I used to take Cymbalta, but I gained a lot of weight on it, so I went off. The funny thing is, this was before I came down with Fibromyalgia. I was taking it for depression. Then a few years later when I did come down with Fibro, I knew I would not go back on Cymbalta, or Lyrica, as I knew people who had terrible weight gain on Lyrica also. I hear that it does not cause weight gain in all people, so hopefully all you people that take Cymbalta are those lucky ones. Savella does not cause weight gain, in fact, it can cause weight loss. Anyway---you just have to decide if the side effects are worse than the benefits!

Hey Corinne,

Just done a little research for you and the palpetations are an uncommon (effecting between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 people) side effect. As long as you have had your heart and BP checked and know it is fine then although unpleasant it is not harmful.