Different types of break through pain and how to manage it


This is something that I have only heard 2 or 3 people mention that their Doctors addressed, break through pain. There are several types, and different ways to deal with it!

I did not realise about the different types of breakthrough pain, but will be mentioning to my doctor as they seem to think that one lot of pain killers provide adequate pain relief which is simply not the case. xx

Since these docs don't have fibro, I don't think that break-through pain ever occurs to them. They suppose the regular dose lasts exactly according to the instructions, happy face. Of course it doesn't for many of us. So I'm glad you brought this up, SK, and attached the link to it.

If I still have the back/hip pain, I've decided to ask my doc if I can use Vicadin long-term. I have no idea if that would be a problem or not, addiction wise. I do know that it helps to manage the pain better than just Lyrica alone.

Again, thanks for introducing this topic. I don't think that most of us even think about getting help for the break-through pain because we're happy to find ANY pain relief. But it's important to think about it.

I know, I hardly ever hear anyone mention it! My Chiropractor does not use the term 'flare', he refers to it as a 'pain cycle' and how important it is to break it. As a matter of fact I have never heard the term from any of my MDs either.

My DC is also my friend, and he can not recommend meds to me, BUT as my friend, and he always words it as such, he tells me to take the Opana if I need it to break the pain cycle. As you know they are not fans of narcotics, but he and my GP talk about the dangers of pain cycles all of the time.

They were all hopeful that Pain Management would break mine, in the long run, it intensified and lengthened them.