Do your feet ache?

Ok so I'm curious because I experience this and I wonder, is it part of FM??? When I'm on my feet for oh, say more than a couple hours, my feet ACHE. This has been going on for more than a year and a half now. I wanted to say "do your feet swell"? because that is exactly what it feels like but my feet do not actually swell, that is just the sensation I get.

I've checked a number of things on this because it can get very bad, the pain that comes with being on my feet for too long.I'm young, in my 30's, physically fit, I'm the proper weight for my heigth so obesity is not an issue. I've had my BP checked (normal).

I actually always wear orthotic inserts in my shoes which do help significantly (oh I'm cringing at how that sounds but...) anyhow, I wonder if this is a problem for any of you or is this just me??

By the way, is it also just me or does the list of FM symptoms NEVER END??? Good grief!

Yes I so agree the list never ends! :slight_smile: lol and I do have foot swelling but I thought it is because I’m overweight. Maybe not! Ack!!

Are your feet actually "aching" .... like you've been on them too long, or does it feel different? Like a burning pain? Regardless....YUP. Very common symptom. Aren't you glad you asked ???

Look up "Neuropathy", and see if the symptoms fit....that's usually what Fibro patients complain of. But any stress on any part of the body will make it ache - a lot more, and a lot sooner, than it would for a non-Fibro patient.
I'm with you - I swear I find new things weekly, if not daily sometimes !

My feet seem like they are always killing me and I'm only 21. They will either feel extremely stiff, tingling, or like they are puffy without really looking like it. The thing you said about the list of symptoms made me laugh because it really does seem like it doesn't end. Every time something new pops up, it makes me wonder if it's just from fibro or something I need to go to a doctor about.

Mine ache and burn, lol!!

Yes, yes, yes! I've had a burning ache in my feet since i was a teenager (i'm 30 now).

Whenever i used to wear my heels out for a night out, i would always take them off mid way, complaining that i couldn't bare the pain any more! No matter how drunk i was i could still feel that pain! My friends used to think i was just being dramatic! But even once i'd taken them off it didn't feel much better!

As i got into my 20's i wore heels less and less (which was hard, cos i'm really short!!), as it seemed to aggravate my feet more.

But over the past few years, they hurt even after an hour round the shops with comfy flats on!

Really gets me down, but glad to know i'm not alone in that any more! :)

OMG yes!! After a couple hours of being on my feet they feel like they are swollen but aren’t. I get the same thing in my hands. I’ve noticed if I drink more water the sensation isn’t as bad. As far as the aching, the only thing I’ve found that helps is to put them up every few hours, easier said than done sometimes! I know just what you mean about the list of symptoms! It seems like once a week there’s something new. I feel like I’m 30 years older than I actually am!

I get the same thing in my hands.

Do you walk on your hands alot then? Hehe, only joking, i know what you mean. It's just how it read :)

Haha!! It does read that way! :slight_smile:

My feet hurt like crazy! I can be laying down in bed all day, get up to walk and am brought to my knees by the pain. the ball of my feet, my ankles, one swell and one does not. Orthotics help and they do not. It is a daily ongoing battle, no meds help, no splints, no nothing and every test is a negative. . .I think Im going crazy!! I'm 29 and I cannot wear heels anymore. i can't bring myself to throw them away and I don't go out anymore because I don't feel sexy, I mean I know heels are just shoes but what woman doesn't like to get dressed up in a cute dress and heels?? I can't anymore and I feel like fibro has taken my womanhood away, I already had to have a hysterectomy at 24 to stop the pain and it's like fibro just keeps on taking away my womanhood. . . .ugh whats next right?