Does anyone had Fibromyalgia in correlation to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)?

Just trying to find out if it's "the norm" to have both. I don't EDS, but my friend does... so I'm kind of researching to understand better.

Although, it seem that Fibromyalgia "attaches itself" to ANY major medical disorder.... leech !


I have just had a look at it because I have not heard of it before. I do have a couple of the symptoms of it that my rheumatologist has diagnosed such as hypermobility, easy bruising skin and a couple of others. Officially I have chronic pain syndrome, soft tissue rheumatism, hypermobility and a fibromyalgic overlay. Mikex

Hi mike,

There is a group for EDS. Google Ben's Friend's Patient Community Blog, click on groups and join, also know of a gal on PsA that battles it, so you are not alone! Reach out and join their group, they need your involvement!

Hi Mike,

I was just wondering as those I have talked to with EDS all have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia also. It seems that ANY disease lately, also has a Fibro attachment. Intereresting.
I would maybe ask your Rheumatologist about you and EDS -- sounds similar to your diagnoses.

Good Luck, thanks for the response !


SK, thanks for that info also. I've been trying to find out if it is warranted to start a group for EDS -- if there are enough patients that need it. Thank You !



Good luck to you, Renie! I hope you find as much comfort there as I do here!

Feel better very soon!



Byrd Feeder on the PsA site has EDS, she had some nursing school, is very on the ball and may be a good perosn to talk to, not sure if she has joined the EDS group yet though, but you could leave her a message! Hope this helps!


I will ask them when I next see them and let you know what they say. Mikex

Oh thanks Mike!!

your welcome :)