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Been really busy going to full time work and volunteering just as much.

Been trying to ignore and just push through. I find that when I just keep pushing myself that (read that like your tredging up a hill and out of breath) I do come out on the other side. It may hurt like the Dickens but that eventually settles to a dull roar not a lions roar. Sooooo I keep on doing it.

Alright its almost 1 am and I have to be up at 7 afrigginm. Lol.

Gentle hugs! Punkin.

All a is friggin m with me! Can't get my sleep time regulated at all anymore, am at the mercy of the pain and when it decides to give me a break, even with pain pills!

Glad to know that you are still okay, I just worry when people slip away for a while and we don't hear from them. You know old worry warts, we are! Plus we know your history, your injury, so there is always good reason for concern!

Be careful not to over push, there is a tipping point, girlfriend, there comes a day when there is no more 'push' in you, no matter what, we have the shelf life of milk!

Wishing you well,


Hmmmm, what happened to my message to you?

Okay, let's do it again: I'm glad that you've come by here. I've missed hearing from you. I love your quick wit and great photos of cupcakes! You (and Jo) made me laugh every day and I don't get that laugh here without you two.

I'm glad that things seem to be manageable for you. And you're juggling a lot! So you've either got one heck of a strong will or else maybe the fibro's a bit better? At any rate, enjoy yourself and keep on fighting the good battle.

SK, wow, sorry that the pain is to this point. And that your sleep is a mess. I'm concerned to hear this from you. When you complain, the pain really is intense because you so seldom complain. Do your narcotics help at all, SK? Or are you at a point where the pain has overcome the meds? Are your injections helping at all with the pain? Wow. It's discouraging to hear you at this point, girl. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

I’ve started using a new melatonin at night and it works pretty darn good unless I get woken up. I’ll post a pic of it later.

It’s definitely not better but I have to do it so even though I am dying and about ready to cry I just keep pushing. I have been napping quite a bit after I get home and I think it helps bunches.

I got a new phone so I will be able to respond a bit more is everyone doing?

Boy I wish my fairy godmother would get off butt and commands clean my darn house!

Gentle hugs Punkin

After she is through with hers, send her over to mine. LOL. I have family coming after my surgery and I so want my house to be sparkling. I have been killing myself to get the bathrooms painted (been working on it for weeks and they are small) and then I will have clean house. I try to do some each day but then I get carried away and end up in bed for two or three days writhing in pain and feeling like I have the worst flu ever. At least right now I have some dilaudid because of the tumor so if I need one, I can take it.

Go easy there MB, you don't want to be exhausted going in for surgery! The damned bathrooms will wait!

Hi Pet, sometimes they do, I have been taking them everyday for weeks, and now that it's getting cool am really feeling it. Still take the shot, still feel it wearing off Thursday night/Friday morning so it's helping, just progressing rapidly, I guess. I see him again end of Oct. and stay on Enbrel til end of Jan.

Keep on your Doctor, Pet, keep on him about the joint pain you have, make him x-ray you on a regular basis. There is a reason your SI joints hurt you so! No, not a Doctor, but a sufferer! Mine should have been Dxed a long, long time before it was!

Let me know how much you take, I have a bottle and it never did a thing for me, unless I need to take alot more of it!

MBP please take it easy, you don’t need to be in a major flare going into surgery, painting is hard work , but I do understand wanting things to look nice, last winter my roof leaked causing nasty stains on my kitchen ceiling I had to look at it for 9 months, my daughter finally did it for me, it drove me crazy but I knew if I tried to do it I would suffer for 4or 5 days, perhaps someone could help you ??
Take it slow, hugs & blessings

I have tried several different brands. Some of them work for short term and some of them don’t work at all. These ones have been working for about 3 week’s so far. They are the Natrol, advanced sleep 10mg tablets from Walgreens. They are controlled release I don’t know if the later of the control works as well as it should

Exactly! Painting them is really hard with fibro. And cleaning is too. How about hiring someone to come in and clean them? Wouldn't take long and shouldn't cost all that much. And think of the pain you'd be saving yourself! You need to be feeling ok when you face that surgery or else the healing time is going to be a lot longer, MB.

Not good, hearing you say you're dying and about ready to cry but you keep pushing. I swear, Punkin, that's exactly how I pushed myself into full-blown fibro. Please don't make your condition even worse. Cut down where you can. Work p-t if you can. Don't let the fibro monster drag you even farther down.

Thanks for the info, the ones I had were somewhere around $10-12 and didn't do jack! Of course mine is so pain related.

For some reason I cannot take anything time released, everytime the Dr would give me an ER (extended release) rx, I would get so aggitated, I itched and felt like I had bugs crawling all over me, like I had drank an entire pitcher of strong iced tea. So that may not work for me. But I will keep my eye out for the brand.

I usually either take a valium or an Opana at night, GP tells me I can take one wait 2 hours and take the other. Haven't done that yet, but may have to start, not sure about adding that but it is worth asking about!

I have been sleeping a lot lately, but I think that after a while of only sleeping a few hours a night, you just get worn out, worn down and you crash!

Thanks for the great info, glad you found something that works for you. I have very high regard for the hours you work the type of work you do with the shape of your back! Take a bow girl, you deserve a standing ovation!

With you,


SK, Dee and Pet… Thanks for the advice but I just don’t know when to quit. I figure I will have a nice long rest in the hospital. LOL. I actually slept for about 9 hours last night. I guess I just wore my poor body out cuz I have not been sleeping well at all. I did some ironing this morning but I have decided it is going to be a day of rest and Netflix. Have a great one you guys.

Ironing? The ONLY thing I iron at all are a few valances I have at the windows, I wash them about every 6 months so pressing them is worth it to me, other than that throw it out! If you cannot fluff it in the dryer, pitch it girl!!

Pet, she is just like we were, gonna go down hard! Fight til the last breath! Strong willed and hard headed, sound familiar? She has kids to take care of, we would do the same thing, but you are so very right! That is from the been there done that gals, Punkin!

We love you, take care of YOURSELF!!

Oh, SK, a woman after my own heart. I only have a few things that have to be ironed. I hang then outside my closet to remind me. I had about 6 things there that have accumulated over the last few months. I just wanted to get them out of the way before I leave on Monday. Isn’t it funny how we get all psycho about how clean our house is when we know mom is coming to visit?

Yep, yep and yep! I’m not going down until I am six feet under. I may be out for a while but I will come right back. Seems to be a trait that fibro sufferers have in common.

hello, its not a nice condition and some times its really hard, i have had it a month , i cant teach or drive anymore, we have 3 boys and youngest special needs, so that's hard, my partner self employed so works from home which is great, he is one amazing man.the doctors over dosed me and i ended up in hospital for 2 weeks, now i have this condition and i can not use my left hand or arm and can not walk, its been so hard on me and my family but we are staying strong and taking day at a time. xxxxxxxx