Is there a particular time of the day or night that you feel more energetic or focused?

Hi dozer, no not really, it just depends on how I am feeling at that moment, I have not been able to hook a marker of time to it. How about you, any rhyme or reason?

If I am honest no... Any time of the day or night I feel terrible. One thing I have noticed is when I take a supplement called D-Ribose I get around 30 minutes of focus and energy an hour or so after I take the tablets. Mikex

Hi SK and Mikejudd,

I have about 6 hours of energy during a day. If I take a nap between 9am and 12pm I am good up until 6. But I get scattered brain around 6. If I am up at 6 am I am out of it by 1 pm. I cannot follow a conversation and I forget words. I tried to get on an early schedule but it drives me crazy to be a zombie at 3 in the afternoon. I am able to avoid a lot of pain but my housekeeping looks sad. I focus mostly on my kitchem and bathroom. I try to keep my son's room organized.

I can function from 10am to 3pm each day if I’m able to sleep the night before. I usually have to take a nap in the afternoon when I get home from work or I begin to melt down. On weekends I don’t function well as I’m feeling wiped out from work. (work 6-7 hours a day with a total commute of about two hours)

Thank you SK. Mikejudd, and Sunflower72

Sometimes I get a second wind around 8-11 pm if I've had a good nap first. No longer exhausted and not yet stressed about facing another day of painful work. Yay!