Exercise DVD Recommendation

Hi! I wanted to take a minute to recommend this exercise dvd I got recently. It is called Easy Yoga For Arthritis. Here is a link: http://www.peggycappy.net/aboutvideo5.html

I don't have arthritis but I do have fibro and I find most exercise too hard for me or causes me too much pain/fatigue afterwards. But this video is great. It has modifications if you can't stand (or lie on the floor) and has stretches, some muscle strengthening and relaxation. When I first started I could only do the warm up sections before I got too tired but as I got stronger I added a section at a time. Now I can do almost all of it. It is a long video though so you may only want to do certain parts on certain days.

The exercises on the video really hit the places I hurt the most and help to stretch and strengthen those muscles.

So if you have trouble with exercise and are looking for a good dvd to do at home - I recommend this one!