I started to go to the gym to see if I could improve on my lack of energy and strength. In the beginning I used to go twice a week and do 5 min in the threadmill, bycicle, rowing, cross trainer and vibrapower. I’ve started to feel much better. Even with pain, the exercise helps to warm my muscles and that makes my Fibromyalgia better. After two months, I now do seven minutes in each equipment and 90 sit ups! Of course a good diet and tablets for the pain help too. www.fibrofact.com

Hiya Marta, I too joined the gym and now take part in an RPM class and I even joined a Zumba class this week, I do have pains still but find with the exercise I actually feel better.


Glad the gym is making you feel so much better! I’m like that with Yoga.

I’m trying to do the same thing. I’ve been using my elliptical a few days a week for the last month or so and it has made me feel better too. I have tried it several times over the years and eventually it causes me to crash. It does help me feel less stiff and gives me more energy when its working. I think it helps with the attitude also.

I go to the pool 3 to 5 times a week, for an hour each time. I don’t really swim a lot, but I exercise and walk in the water.

This is one of the local hospitals therapeutic pool, where I had my physical therapy after a spinal cord injury caused by an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) rupture in the cord. The water is always 90ºF or warmer. The warm water feels so good, and I am able to exercise whereas I couldn’t do what I do in the water on land. My balance isn’t good at all, and I can use the water to help me balance and to catch myself with when I fall or trip.

The warm water is excellent for the fibro, too, and on days when I have too much pain to really do anything just floating around in the warmth feels good.

I don’t know what I’d do without the pool!

Oh yeah, how could I forget one of the simplest, most necessary thing?! Duh… stretching. Frequent, slow, gentle stretching. It goes a long way in helping with stiffness and soreness both.

Have you ever watched a dog or cat, how throughout the day they stretch - a lot? Especially when they get up from a laying down position. We should do a lot of stretching too, and it’s good to start first thing in the morning when first getting out of bed. Then do it periodically throughout the day.

Stretching can even be done while in bed or sitting in a chair or recliner. So even when we’re having our most painful days/moments, we can stretch from almost any place we are.

is it just me the more i do the more i hurt,,,,