Experiencing new symptoms

I have had both shoulders with torn rotator cuffs in the past. Now shoulder ball and socket joints feel hot and as sore as toothaches. Both shoulders feel this way. I have had shingles twice and the postherpatic neuralgia on my shoulders is kicking up. I have had been diagnosed with fibro since 99, and have had an official diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis for about a year now 8 years after first suffering from psoriasis. My joints are hot to the touch. I have arthritis in my spine lower and upper degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel L&R, neuropathy in elbows along with neuralgia of in the left cheek area. I have so much heat in my body it's like having a fever. I am now spending most of my time in bed just trying to make it. My eyes are constantly bloodshot, and burn/itch always. I am not jaundiced, my eyes stay red, look like I have been on a binge. My bladder has started to feel uncomfortable also. I can't sleep, even taking ambien, doesn;'t phase me. Foggy too. Anyone else out there this way?

Dear Treasure7,

Hi, good to see you on he boards, good to hear from you!

Oh yes, remember that I also have PsA, and I understand about the hot, painful joints! My Rheumatologist just told me that the PsA most likely caused the fibro, of course the car accidents also play a big part. I feel that the worse the arthritis, the worse the fibro, that's how it is with me anyway!

Enbrel has made a big difference in how I feel, I have some very dark days with pain, the rain always intensifies and compounds the problems, but it has given me some good days! He also added Ethyl Chloride, a numbing spray that I use when the pain is unbearable, or I have to ride in the car! It helps!

Sorry you still suffer so, I hope that your Doctor is working to slow the progression of the joint damage, and help you get out of the pain cycle and gives you the ability to paint again! You are so fortunate to have this ability, this innate talent, I'm sure it gives you great joy and satisfaction!

Wishing you well,


Thanks for the info SK! Happy Mother's Day!