Feeling weighed down?

Anyone else ever feel literally, in a sense, weighed down by their fibro?? I am not a big gal--about 5'7" and 115 lbs., maybe, but sometimes I feel like my limbs are wearing extra weights, if that makes any sense.

This is not a body image thing whatsoever. It is a sensation...sometimes like an anchor is tied to my feet, for example.

Anyone else experience this?

Hello Les,

You have the body of a ballerina!

Oh yes, the feeling of lead legs and concrete arms? For sure, on good days sometimes movement can make it better, sometimes worse. Rest is paramount, yet too much laying around can make you worse too. Balance... elusive balance!

Hope you are feeling better very soon! Good to hear from you!


Scary!!!!! Nope, haven't had it. Sounds like some very bad dreams I've had and tried to awaken from. But you know, I think I've read about this same issue on people with other autoimmune diseases. Maybe Lupus? Might be worth your while to take a quick look over there if you don't get much info from here.

Already belong. Lupus (SLE) was the first thing listed on my overlap syndrome. Could be Mixed connective tissue disease too, I know, I am getting to that...

Other things to go through to get to that...Can't put the cart before the horse! Overlap coming soon.