Fibro fog or having a senior moment

I know there have been many discussions about fibro fog but my symptoms have been getting so much worse lately. I was beginning to think it was the start of old age or early altziemers because I am having quite a lot of what I would call senior moments. The worst being mid conversation, I either forget what I am talking about or totally forget the persons name. It is so frustrating. I spoke to my GP and she said if she was ever giving an illness, fibro would be the worst thing ever because of the huge scope of symptoms. I do try and keep my mind busy with crosswords, suduko, and puzzles but I feel so stupid when talking to someone and can't remember things.I have to put shopping lists on my phone and set alarms for appointments. Any thoughts xxxx

You'r not alone! My doctor has prescribed thyroid therapy (or whatever it's called I take the replacement pills) to get my thyroid to a more optimal level. It's helped, but I totally get it! I actually just blogged about an experience I had when my Brain/Fibro fog is at it's worst. I have been driving in my car and taken all the wrong turns remembering and then forgetting over and over again in the same two mile trip. Lost what I was saying or unable to follow what others are saying to me. I'll slur my speech when it really bad - like I'm drunk or something. My daughter will ask me something, I'll say yes and then completely space it. Only remembering any of it until she asks me again - poor kid sometimes has to ask three to five times before I do it. Usually I'm doing something else when it's that bad, can't keep it in my head. I'll be in the middle of doing something, somehow get doing something else with my husband finishing up whatever I'd stopped that I only remember I was ever doing because I'm staring at it. With no idea how I ended up in the middle of something else. It can be really embarrassing and frustrating!! I'm still in my twenties, so I think most people just don't know what to do with me. I feel incredible stupid at times!!

Hope it gets better soon!! *Hugs*

OMG! I am so thankful to hear Im not the only one who has had that happen. I thought I was developing alzheimers as well! I can be talking to a group of students and forget what point I was trying to get across to them, my cheer and dance students are all older, and when it happens that tell me It's ok miss Jackie, we all get older and forget. How embarrassing, I don't honestly know if this is fibro fog or not, but it has me worried as well!

I’m taking Savella and that has helped sooo much but before I would forget I was cooking until I smelled something burning, forger I put clothes in the laundry, forget everything. I used a timer to remind me of everything. I had to put bills on autopay because I would pay the same bill twice and I just couldn’t keep up with it all. And talking is the worst. My kids can figure out what I mean but I would use trying the wrong words…microwave when I would mean vacuum. I thought I was crazy for awhile. It rarely happens now but it was bad until my meds kicked in.

The D-Ribose supplement helped me. I am still getting brain fog, but it isn't as often as it was. It was off and on all the time, and I had it for a week since I started taking the D-Ribose, then it went away again.

Hi Cookie,

I really hate to say this but, welcome to the world of Fibro. This is one of my worse symptoms. I was so concerned I asked my PCP if it could be Alzheimer's and was told it is Fibro Fog. He told me I have no other symptoms for Alzheimer's. If you want to be sure ask the next time you see your Dr. Asking eased my mind greatly especially since we're waiting for confirmation that's what is wrong with my dad. Also the puzzles and games you listed are some of the best to help with the fog.

Gentle hugs,

Dottie S.

Thanks for sharing. I know its awful I have been dianosed for over 20 years but the "FOG" has been worse over the past couple of years. As I said I try to keep my mind active by reading/doing puzzles etc. Don't ever feel stupid its just part of this awful illness.

Big hugsxx

Thenks for sharing, I know it feels so awful sometimes that I wonder what is getting me down the most. Sometimes the medication has so many side effects it is worse than the symptoms

Sending you big hugsxx

Hi Jackie

Thanks for sharing that, I have done so many silly things that I have to laugh at myself.

Its great to connect with other people though, who understand, and help us get through this

Sending big hugsxxx

Hi thanks for sharing

I am in Scotland so I don't know if that is available here. I see my gp tomorrow so I will ask.

It is very scary, but I do try and laugh at the situations \I get myself in.

Sending big hugs and thank you xx

Thanks for that, I assume that is a health supplement

I have been taking different vitamens but although I have been diagnosed for over 20 years my fibro has deteriorated over the last 5 years

I will certaily look it up

Thanks and big hugsxx

Thanks Dottie for sharing that.

I have been dianosed for over 20 years but symptoms have become worse. I see my gp tomorrow for check up so I will mention it

Thanks again

Big hugsxx