For the Girls

I just have a quick question.

Do any of you HATE to wear a bra because of the pain??

What do you do about it when you absolutely HAVE to wear a bra??

I can't stand this. Sometimes my skin just hurts.....


Yes, I do hate bras. I pull it off as soon as I get home. Hurts my back.

How about an all cotton pull on bra that has no wires or plastic pieces? Like a sports bra? Or if that's too uncomfortable, what about those plastic things that stick onto your breasts? They keep you from looking like you're braless but don't touch your back or shoulders.

If it is a bad day, I cannot stand having one on. The straps will hurt my shoulders and it will make my breasts hurt. If I'm at home on one of those days, I won't bother putting one on or I'll use a loose, cotton sports bra instead of a normal bra.

Yes. I take mine off as soon as I get home. They make the whole area under my arms sore. I try to use sports bra type things when I can, but sometimes even that is too much.

Glad I'm not the only one...Not that I WANT ANYONE to feel like we do. It really is bad...

I, too, rejoice when I get home and am able to take it off. I wont wear one at all unless I am going out for something.

I bought those bras on TV the Genie Bra. Its more comfortable but tends to ride up on my back which that is un comfortable as well.

I am always on the search for a supportive but comfortable is my mission to find one!

If I do, I will report it here...

Gentle Hugs,


Ahhhh, yes, that's a good point. Someone needs to make a bra out of pajama material with no snaps, underwires, or pointed plastic pieces on the sides.

I hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em! Besides everything else, I have a hiatal hernia, so a bra really kicks that up!

I have a friend that has had amazing luck with the ahhhh bra (seen on tv and can be found at as seen on tv displays). I my self find a bra that is a little too large so it fits loose on me to help but can still be painful. Hope this helps.

I was going to recommend the genie bra cause that’s what I wear. I do have the same issue with it riding up the back but it’s defanatly better than underwire.