Hate it. It rubs it hurts.it makes me sweat.it bothers me. I love when I undo ut and toss it agaunst the wall. I would go braless more…but… SORRY…I hurt so bad tonight… has anyone else thought about ripping their kneecaps off and scooping out the pain? Can you tear liganents in your ankles with violent restless leg syndrome ((i call this jimmy legs))…ever considered breaking your finger just so the pain would be DIFFERENT? Hey…you guys said I could vent…

Yes you can. And I have the same damn problem. I also get nasty heat rashes under my breasts and yes it is an evil device, way too uncomfortable without it and way too uncomfortable with it. Yes I have considered making other pain just so it would be different and then try to deal with the different pain. I understand completely. You can vent anytime to me. I am going through the same things.

You know what. . .I did at one point used to defer the pain. I would bang my arm against a wall until I almost broke it (YES I KNOW, UNSAFE) because that pain masked the FMS pain so I was okay for a few hours, in pain but a different kind of "I-know-this-will-go-away" pain. I will from time to time still punch my arms when the pain is too severe to cause that "different" pain. So yea I know.

as for bras. . .you build a bonfire full of playtex's and victors secrets and I will be there with mine on sticks to let parish in the fires!!! They hurt my ribs and my ribs hurt anyway. The straps can dig and my bras are not tight. UGH

Restlegs. . .if I could take my legs off at night, I would. I'd put them on the side of the bed in a bassinet like a pet dog. Have em waiting for me when I wake up from my beauty rest. LOL

I have been suffering for over 2 yrs and I thought I was only one that had these feelings. Very refreshing to know that I am not alone. And I feel bad for all of you as I would not wish this on anyone.

it is the life of an FMS patient. . .you learn to live with it. Adjustments are made and it's ok. . the pain isn't ok tho..lol

No the pain is not ok....I have taken enough meds tonight to kill a horse and I am still dying over here. Wide awake and tired at the same time at 11pm. No sleep and pain everyday wears u down. I am actually considering smashing my legs against the coffee table just to "change" the pain. OMG this sucks.

The thing we have to remember…it is ok to think about crazy ass ways to get rid of our neverending pain…it is ok to talk about it to other fibros …we understand…we have been there… hey mo. I bet we would all have the best 30 minute party on record …that is about my ’ up for fun’ energy budget lol

LOL imagine a bunch of fibro women burning bras and splints! LOL that would be a 911 call for the cops to enjoy

I just numb my mind to it. I know its here so I let it be here. I try to control it and I LIVE in hot water! Hot tub at my complex which will be closing once winter hit cause its out door and my tub at home. . . .just find ways to cope.

I have burnt my back with the heating pad and if I take anymore hot baths I will shrivel up, no access to a hot tub or massage, alas that would help :(

I might actually really enjoy that

Good lord…can you imagine the cops freaking out over all those legal prescription drugs…burn baby burn…disco inferno…

Mine too.....it is so bad tonight.....

I am laughing quite hard..lol, I can picture that moment. I can see it. Two men pulling up radioing it in. . .

Dispatcher: Whats your 20?

Officers: "uhh 10-23( arrived at the scene). . .looks like we got some kind of 10-34 (riot)/10-70 (fire) in progress with a bunch of women. . ."

Dispatcher: 10-71 (advise on fire?) and "Did you say women?"

Officer: "uhh yes ma'm, women lots of women burning what looks to be. . . .hmmp bras, splints, walkers, canes and medication. Please advise."


lol that would be funny

I know it! I am from the 'bra burning' era, I do NOT wear one unless I have to leave the house, which I seldom do, but they just irritate everything, really kick up the rib pain, don't do much for a hiatal hernia either! Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em!!!!

A good calcium/magnesium supplement can do wonders for the restless leg, but the bra, the only cure for that is to go 'au naturale'!

Always check with your doc before adding supplements to meds.


Sounds like a hit movie!

Funny you mention the heat rashes under your breasts - I got a nasty yeast infection there (looked like a mega-version of heat rash and hurt like heck) - so I'm wondering if these types of rashes/infections are more prevalent in people with fibro?

Karen, I haven't been able to even wear a bra over the past few weeks due to this rash, so one day is no biggie!

It's strange that several of you have restless leg syndrome, being as it would seem to be a rather rare illness. So it begs to ask - does fibro cause restless leg syndrome in those with fibro?

Ha ha ha! Gives a whole new meaning to bra burning!