Full Moon and Seasonal Allergies

Does anyone ever notice that during the full moon they might feel worse?

I mean the moon can make the tides go in and out why not? I think it might have something to do with gravitational pull.

How about seasonal allergies? It seems like during the spring and late summer/early fall I feel bad and maybe it's because are bodies have more to deal with and the allergies just push it over the edge.

Yes, full moon has always caused insomnia for me and increased pain and agitation. During my nursing career I definitely noticed increase in problems on the cardiac units where I worked and also the ER was always packed. I know surgeons that won't operate near full moons or near a woman's mentrual cycle. They said that your weaker somehow and more risk of complications. Interesting, huh?

Seasonal allergy... well the immune system may be overloaded but I'm worse when the seasonals are acting up.

I worked in Fast food for a few years and people are nuts during The full moon. There were times I would just know it was a full moon before I looked out the window and I was always right.I also know men are more worked up then also. People are just more agitated and do not feel right in their skin during the day before till the day or three after the full moon.

So yes My pain is increased during a full moon and I am more sensitive to what I breath eat and touch. I do not know why , I just know its true.

Yea It seems like whenever I get seasonal allergies they not only last longer but they are also more severe. I had to go to the ER due to so much allergic swelling and extra mucus drainage. I also noticed that when I get a "cold" it turns into Bronchitis and sometimes even Pneumonia. Why does everything magnify for fribro patients?

I agree with you 10000%. I also am a member of a mental health group, and you can see destructive activity pick up tremendously around the full moon. It's so noticeable, that another girl and I have started keeping track!

I've also worked with some people that grew horns and turned purple during this time.... so I definitely agree!

Although I notice it, it doesn't seem to affect me physically. It's probably the only thing that doesn't!

My allergies are also worse..... the doctor told me once it's because of the seasonal plants changing over... but I know it makes my Fibro flares even worse. Lately, it's been pain meds in one hand, nose spray in the other!

I have heard of it as an aggravator and believe it has an effect on some people.
You may want to look into Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

Both fibromyalgia and MCAS are very often symptoms of a dysfunctional autonomic nervous system (dysautonomia) or even the entire central nervous system which could begin to effect motor controls as well.

It's a very complex subjects that most doctors have not been educated in. But you can learn about it and see if it fits you. You can end up going in circles with causes and effects. It can be frustrating. But at least you know what is happening.

In a nutshell, mast cells are usually degranulated when you come in contact with something to which you are allergic. (degranulation - imagine a balloon full of 60 chemicals including lots of histamine that is popped and released into your bloodstream. It can cause all sorts of reactions right up to anaphylaxis). The histamine makes you sick and causes dysautonomia which then causes you to make more mast cells. See it happen under a microscope at http://youtu.be/VT7knZ6_8rk

So imagine if your mast cells are unstable, any little change can cause a slight degranulation. There can be a low level anaphylactoid reaction, just a feeling of uneasiness all the way up to full-fledged body pain.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) can be a cause of dysautonomia and MCAS. A good starting point for research is www.prettyill.com.

allergic, I've seen some really strange things in the E/R, like foreign objects in places they shouldn't be, things like that... it's a lot of oddities, isn't it?

I didn't know the surgeons won't operate around the full moon -- that's really interesting! I'm not sure how it would affect Mizz AJ's question about colds turning into pneumonia though, since pneumonia is infectious-based, and Fibro is not an immune-compromising disorder.

Does anyone see a link between Fibro and chronically getting pneumonia?

I noticed that my symptoms like insomnia and pain are worse in full moon too. But what I am even more concerned about my sensitivity to weather changes in autumn, it makes me completely disabled and feeling poorly. In addtition to pain that increases when it's getting colder, I often feel so dizzy and nauseous and have cramps in my head. It's strange that it goes right to the stomach area... It happens more when the clouds start to circle around.. I can't even get up from bed. I tried to tell the doctor last autumn about this, but anything I say is interpreted as too many symptoms, which means that there is nothing, just depression. I know that it is real, that I have fibromialga for years, but I feel helpless. Can anybody give me some helpful advise or information?

Do you take an antihistamine Zyrtec D has de-congestion with it and can last up to 12 hours. Drawback it can raise your blood preasure slightly.

My wife always used to get sinus infections every year especially during this time until we starting rinsing our sinuses using a netty pot or a squeeze bottle. She has no sinus infections anymore unless she doesn't rinse.

I use a netti pot too. It helps with seasonal allergy for me, especially if I use it end of day, clears all the pollen and junk out so I don't wake up with swollen eyelids after sleeping. I haven't had a sinus infection for years.

Oh that is too cool! I worked at a nursing home and the residents went wiggy during the full moon. But I didn't know that docs won't operate near full moon or a woman's mense cycle.

I think, ABL, that you've come up with something quite intriguing. I wonder if any studies have been done on this? And also if fibro itself is influenced by the moon's gravitational pull? Very intriguing, indeed!

I've never charted the pain long enuff to see if a full moon was involved, only weather, but now I'm curious. I'm going to take a look and see if there's any correlation on my end. Thanks for the interesting post!

Don't know about a full moon, but this time of year is hell on me with mold allergies, bad ones! I rinse with saline spray then use a prescription nasal spray, really helps!

Can relate to people being nuts on full moons, was a bartender across the street from a State Police barracks for years, some of the public saw us, some saw them, some saw us both! Even furniture and appliance sales were nuts on full moons!

Renie, lol, the foreign objects, I know, in wrong places and rings and things around wrong things. I always thought wedding rings were supposed to go on your finger. What were they thinking!? Must have been the moon.

Well, I've certainly noted that I am much more lethargic, achey & can barely accomplish the most menial tasks during the full moon. And yes, my sinus's drive me nuts too.

A police officer friend of mine says 'they' dread the full moon b/c so many people get just plain nutso behaviour. More domestic disputes, erratic driving, waaaay more impaired drivers and petty crimes.

Must be something to it I would think.

Hey Geranium! I would think you would be organizing a neighborhood block party on a full moon! And before you felt so poorly, you probably were!

I hope that you are getting some relief, that your Drs have an effective new plan of action for you before that long Canadian winter sets in! I dread the thought of the cold, am so glad it is cooling off enough that the a/c does not have to run 24/7!

Nice to see you on! We miss you when you're gone!



Hey back at ya..

What's the point of getting the party going if YOU can't attend? Nope..it would be dullsville for sure....ha.

No effective new plan--actually no new plan at all. My poor Dr. is beside himself trying to come up with a med to help me out. Think I told you that my ole bod has become intolerant of practically any meds at all. Can only take NSAIDS now...yeah, like putting a bandaid on an amputation.

One GOOD thing that has recently happened...I'm taking Magnesium Citrate powder and it's REALLY helping me get a decent night sleep.

One BAD thing....I am battling with 'heel spurs'...oh joy oh joy.

Yeppers...Canadian winters are long & cold but thankfully not so bad on MY Island. Just the seemingly endless monsoons......aargh.

Hugs to you SK. *time for my mid-day nap' zzzzz's