Gluten Free Diet

Hi everyone I am seeking help from a naturalpath she has recommended I try a Gluten Free her experience it will lessen the symptons of Fibro. Has anyone out there also given this a try?

Absolutely!!! That was one of the best things that I had done for myself. That and eliminating sugar and processed foods.

My diet changes made the biggest difference in reducing my pain levels and fatigue. That was one of the first things that the naturopath recommended to me. Yep.


thank you I am so new to this site it probally has been discussed earlier its amazing that since 2007 this is the first time diet has been mentioned to me after all the dr and rheumy visits....

thank you excellent advice I will say gluten free is a major change to my life.

I have cut out all carbs from foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes and rice, and also gone very low fat (when I'm good). I basically eat just fruit and veg and lean meats, and I must ay it make me feel a lot better. When I have my naughty days I get the worst hangover so I can tell how bad they made me feel before. Foods make quite a difference to the fibro, so I'm sure the gluten free diet will work really well, especially as many sufferers have food intolerances.