Good doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas area and a doctor whose focus is rare diseases

I have found a rheumatologist - Dr. Columbus Brown IV, Who is in Little Rock, AR. He is shy at first, but he is someone that will try different combinations of medications to get you out of pain, or at least to a level that allows you to have the best quality of life.

I have also found a doctor, Dr. Betsy Hendricks, who is an MD who understands fibro, chronic fatigue, and other rare diseases. This is her focus. She is expensive and she does extensive blood work and other lab tests. My first appointment with her was 2 1/2 hours. Talk about an extensive medical history and personal history.

She then will set up a treatment plan to start to see how well you improve.

I’m just starting with her and will update this post to let you know how I’m doing, BUT if you can in any way figure a way to travel to see her and afford it, make the trip.
She has a website and a Facebook page. Do check her out. She has patients from all over the US I believe.

May the Peace of Christ be with you all.

Thank you for recommending Dr. Brown. I live in Hot Springs, AR. I have been thinking about seeing a rheumatologist in Little Rock, but wasn't sure which one to see.


Dear fellow Christian, thank you for this info, I live about an hour north of Branson. Do you still see these docs? Sue

I don’t see Dr Brown anymore. I see a physiatrist I was already seeing for a leg length descrepency and sacroilitis. I asked him, Dr. Jon Hardy in Hot Springs, if he ever treated fibro. He said absolutely and began immediately going over meds and asking about my sleep, etc. Dr Brown is a good Dr, but just not for me.

Just to put in my two cents, I know Dr. Laura Trigg is a good dr. I didn’t go see her because I used to work at The Little Rock Diagnostic Clinic there and didn’t want to go there if I could help it. Dr Abraham and Dr Kovaleski are both excellent as well. I worked with Dr. K at another facility for years, and he is the best.