Looking for a good doctor

Does anyone know of good Fibro doctor in the Fort Smith, AR

I’m in Little Rock, AR. I’ve found an excellent doctor who sees patients in Hebert Springs - worth the trip. Her name is Dr. Betsy Hendricks and she is brilliant. She understands how one thing can change the balance in this system and another thing may help with this symptom. She looks for the root of the problem, not just treating the symptoms.

She is very expensive while your being diagnosed and doing all of the massive amount of blood work to check all symptoms.

I’m so glad that my parents insisted I see her, and my pharmacist highly recommended her.

Check her out online and she has a Facebook page too.

Hope you can see her.

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Also, if you’re in Fort Smith, I think Dr. Susan Baker practices there and she is wonderful.

In L.R. There’s a rheumatologist that will make sure you’re not having pain, uses TENS like unit and meds, etc. he’s the first one to diagnose me with fibro. Dr. Columbus Brown, IV

Hope you’ve found some help.

I found a really good doctor. She really cares and her office visits are only $75…Dr Donna Shipley in Fort Smith