Has anyone woke up and just cried!

hi to everyone this morn xx big hugs xx was just wondering if anyone has had a morning when they woke up and cried and cried , dont know if its the tablets that were upped yesterday but i was so low , feeling better now tho had a shower and got it back together ! x

Hi Angie b. Glad you're feeling a bit better after your shower. I haven't woken up and cried, but after working last week for 4 days (I usually only do 2 days a week) I got home and just sort of folded in on myself. I went upstairs to get changed and my husband found me fast asleep on the bed. Unfortunately, he woke me up and I got up and went downstairs. I made it to the bottom and he took one look at me and said "you look like s++t". I burst into tears and pretty much slid down the wall until I was a heap on the floor. I just howled, saying that I ached and my head hurt and I felt weird and it was like waves of hurt washing over me. He helped me back upstairs to bed, with me still crying and I lay sobbing for about an hour until I fell asleep exhausted. I slept fitfully during the night, my legs started jerking and I got really thirsty, but trying to get out of bed was difficult and I had to roll over the side onto my knees! It took me until the following evening to start feeling somewhat human again, but I'm sure we are all guilty of trying to do too much when we feel reasonably well and I'd just overdone things. I must learn to pace myself and ask for help, but the old me was so independent and I hate relying on others.

ty soo much xxxxxxxxxxx

Angie, it's okay to cry sometimes. After all, we have a tough illness to deal with! One day we feel fine, the next we hurt so bad. You just get used to one extreme and then you're thrown into the other. Crying doesn't mean we can't cope. It just means we're SAD that this has happened to us.

It would only be a problem if you couldn't stop or cried constantly and were depressed. So just keep an eye on it to be sure it's not out of hand. Otherwise, just remember that a good cry can clear out those negative emotions, just like a rainstorm cleans everything.

Oh Gillie, my dear, you pushed yourself WAY too much. Your meltdown shows that your body is just not up to that much of a pounding anymore. I say this because it seems that those of us who've continuously pushed ourselves like this ended up much worse. So take care of yourself. What you experienced in your meltdown was pretty intense. I understand how important it is to you to feel independent but that does not have to include pummeling your body through overwork.

I hope you're feeling somewhat better now. Get a good sleep and rest during the weekend.

Angie, I have had mornings when I just cry, theres only so much we can take, and usually I just keep pushing and keep trying to smile, but that takes so much of our energy, I think it’s good for us to have a good sob once in a while, how could we not.
You are so not alone !!!
Feel better, do something special for yourself, you deserve it !!!
Hugs& blessings

I don't cry - I get mad at the alarm clock.

A few weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning and my first thought was "I have to go back to work in 2 days." That was depressing.

Gillie, oh wow how I can relate to exactly what you described, when I was working & 2 days in a row was very hard, I literally felt like I was dying, like that’s how I felt, 3 days forget it, and you did 4. If they are 4 short days that are not real physical maybe, but learning what your limit is, and then accepting it, and adjusting life to work around your limitations is so hard. And I was like you so independent, did everything myself, everything !!! It’s hard !!! I can tell you once you have learned your limit, you still will push your self, and even if you feel good you will keep going, but after a while you learn you must set limits, even when you tell your self I’ll be fine, we pay, we pay for almost anything we push ourself to do. Oh how my heart goes out to you, please know you are not alone !!!

hi gillie , i can relate to you and how you feel , i did the same when i went down to part time work , i ended up being ill so be careful , i pushed and pushed , but this year my body wouldnt let me do it any more , i would rather work but just about do housework and chores and then back to lying down x please take care ,,

Hi angie,

I think we have all been through this, but you must also consider a medication change. Not sure which tablets you are referring to but if you tell me, I can look that up for you.

Glad the shower helped, need to just pamper yourself and take it easy! Make it a book or movie day and just veg out!

Big hugs to you,



Dear angie,

Under 'Important information about Nortruptyline it advises you to contact your Dr if you have mood changes, the depression worsens. Sometimes just increasing the dosage of these kinds of drugs can make a difference in how we feel, and it is not always to the better!

Please call your Dr Monday, and use good sense about this, if you think taking 2 is too much for you. I am not a Dr and cannot advise you, but you know your body better than anyone.

Please take care of yourself, hope you are feeling much better very soon!

Love and hugs,


ty sk xx i will definatly call on monday morn i wont take two of them again ! it frightened me dont like to cry like that it was as tho i was out of control , ty for your help i appreciate it xxxx

Glad you posted and I could help you! I understand how this could frighten anyone! Would have frightened me too! Take good care of yourself! Call the Dr if you need him before Monday or go to the Emergency Room!

Angie b This all this is a lot to tolerate, and sometimes I wish that I could just cry, yes I feel like it, and have at times just been overwhelmed with it all. I now take tryptophan for sleep, and to diminish appetite, it also helps me cope with this b awful condition. Just know that everyone here is gathering to try to support you. Tryptophan does lift mood and I take it. cheers Barb

Hi Petunia Girl, thank you so much. It's so good to have somewhere to let off steam and to know that I can chat to people who understand.

Hi Dee, sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Thank you so much for your kind words and it is really good to know that I am not alone.

You take care too, Angie and thank you.

Yes, that happens to me often. I wake up myself from crying or screaming. I have nightmares about being chased and killed by strangers - the worst one is when my mother is stabbing me with a big kitchen or sawing knife. Other times I have doctors and reserchers trying to force medications to experiment on me. I also have dreams about people dying and I wake up myself crying.

Who hasn't? i think it's good for you to have a good cry, it makes me feel better. :)hope you have a better day now!

Dee's words have so, so much wisdom to them. Even those of us who have been on here for a while still play the "pushing it" game when we feel well, and it is not a good game to play with fibro. Fibro wins every hand. It cheats and plays tough.

Just remember Dee's words. Tape them to your fridge if you must. if you follow them, you will feel better than if you try to push yourself beyond your limit. We just cannot do that anymore.