Have You Tried Warm Water Therapy

I was in therapy to learn the stretches and exercises to do on my own. I now go to the gym every morning. Not only am I continuing to do what I learned I am also joining in on the group water classes at the gym. After I am done I go to the hot tub and let the jets work my muscles out...then I go into the sauna... Ahhhhh the sauna. I got my Pandora radio on and my ear buds in and I sit and relax while sweating my butt off.

I know the worst thing to do for Fibro. is to become idle...I could feel my muscles wasting away... while I still have pain I do feel better...

Have any of you gave this a try and if so how has it helped you?

I have a hot tub in my garden. The minute I get in it my pain seems to vanish. But as soon as I get out it’s back again… Similar to soaking in a hot bath tho I can’t get as comfy in the bath! My hot tub is currently waiting to be cleaned out, I csnt wait to get it running again!

Oh Tilly... you made me jealous!!!! I want a hot tub so bad... but I also want the sauna...lol I know when I started doing the Physical Therapy as soon as I started coming out of the water...BOOM gravity took hold and I could feel that pain... but as I have continued to go... well I just feel better... I still have pain...but my stress levels have dropped. I feel more relaxed.

Tilly hurry and get that hot tub cleaned out I am coming over to soak!!! LOL

Huggs, Belinda

I love the warm water therapy and also found after a while I felt better and could move more. I am trying to get back into a routine of yoga and exercise.

I love the warm water, I cant do hot tubs though once I get out my body locks up from the cold air, im so glad if you find it wrks for you. You know what great too is a red light booth or a tanning bed on real bad days, the heat goes right through your muscles and really loosens you up ,its like being wrapped in a heating blanket!!

Glad you are able to do this and that it is helping you. While I don't have a pool or sauna available, I do have a jetted tub and even a warm shower helps. Heat is defiantly my friend.

Haha you would be very welcome too hun! Due to constant nausea I’m not eating very much so when I tried the sauna at a spa hotel ( my mum took me for the weekend bless her) I was really faint and dizzy! I may try sun beds tho! Hugs xxxx

I’m sooo gonna try sun beds again, I did them a few years ago and seem to think it was very relaxing and warming! Thanks for that, I’ll give it a go xx

I cannot do the "tanning Beds" I am fair skinned and already have skin cancer issues... If Y'all do try tanning beds please be careful... skin cancer kills. also before beginning any exercise program or going into hot tubs or saunas make sure to talk with your Dr. I know with the saunas people with certain health conditions should not go in them so be safe and check with your Dr.