Having Trouble

Having trouble paacing myself. I work two jobs and neither one are the best, I am a waitress and a cashier so i am on my feet all day. I come home and i want to sit and relax but I have trouble relaxing. Taking baths helps but only so much and when i get out i try and just sit down but than i sit for to long and get stiff and sore again. And it just goes on and on. i have tried just walking around the house in between but it doesn't help. I can't quit either of my jobs. So any ideas on what i can do to help at home? Any suggestions are welcome!!


Psy Angel

Hello Angel,

I know the work well, I worked in hospitality many years, in many positions and the best advice I can give you is to buy the very best shoes that you can, 2 pair are best to rotate them. Go to a store that measures your feet for a proper fit, it will make a big difference. You will pay more, but it will help save your back and legs.

Good vitamins will help you too, but always talk to your Dr before adding that to meds. Besides a good multi, you may want to add a cal/mag/D, this is especially good for your muscles. I use Douglas lab vitamins, here is a link.


A nice bath with Epsom salts will help draw the soreness out of you.

Hope this is a help to you!



Hi Angel,

Sorry I couldn't read your messages earlier. We really have to learn to pace ourselve throughout the week. If you are really struggling to get comfortable and you're in that much pain, it may well be that you are working to many hours. I find it hard to get out of bed early every day even without working because of the fatigue too. So a proper balance of rest, sleep and activity (work, housework, etc) is what we really need. We need more sleep than the average person because we don't recharge properly.

What medication do you have? This is important too as you can improve your symptoms with the best medication.

I also try to keep busy, to keep my mind off the pain, when I can. It doesn't mean running around and burning yourself out. Having a few hobbies, do some work, do some reading or a course somewhere, visit friends and family, pamper yourself and most importantly.... chocolate therapy! This will definitely do the trick!

You will find what works for you. Try a few different things out.

Good luck and gentle hugs,


Thanks guys for the advice. i need to work as many hours as i can. i dont have any money right now. which makes it hard to get the things i need. do you know any strecthes i can do to help??

What about Tai Chi?Isn't it an exerise designed to gently relax and stretch your muscles? Or else water aerobics? In either case, you could still be moving but doing so in ways to help your fibro and hopefully not seize up.

You can borrow Tai Chi tapes from the library for free. I keep forgetting to do it but it really does sound like a possible solution for you.

Have you tried to find some exercises on the internet?