Heart palpitations

Does anyone know if heart palpitations are another symptom of this wonderful fibro? I am not on any meds so it isn’t that. Just been having heart thumps while relaxing on couch or when I lie down in bed at night to go to sleep Sometimes I find it hard to lay on my left side because I can feel them more.

Yes I have had this lots and lots. Sometimes it was so bad that I felt as if my heart was trying to get out of my chest wall. Often after I have done some sort of minor activity, and I sit down, and the palpitations are overwhelming I have had fibro 7 nearly 8 years now, and when my fatigue was at it’s worse, I had the palpitations really badly, now I only have it occasionally, and it’s no where near as bad as it was then. I didn’t have any chest pain when I had the palpitations but it was very scary.My own personal theory is that its got something to do with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, but I have no evidence to support that. Of course all heart conditions should be checked out the advice given there is spot on. I wish you well and hope that your palpitations pass just as mine has. kind thoughts.Fellow sufferer. Barb

I don't know if it is another symptom of fibro, however, I have premature ventricular contractions, also known as PVC's. It feels like the heart skips a beat or more and then thumps really hard and fast for a moment. I also can feel very dizzy/light headed during these episodes. Kim

Kimberley, I’m so sorry to here you suffer with PVC’s, do you take a cardiac med ? I’m sure you have had a complete cardiac work up, a lot of people don’t feel this irregularity, for the ones that do it can be scary, I think with fibro we feel everything !
Hugs & blessings

Yes it is a symptom of this wonderful disease… you might still want to talk to your doc and see if they want to do test. I get them a lot even more when my pain is on high!!! I have a hurt mummer tho so I have to have to have heart test every two to three months.

Hope it gets better! Hugs

Can’t go to doctor. No insurance. Just have to live with it for now I guess and hope its just temporary. Thanks everyone for the info. I did do some research online and it does seem to be a part of all this fun stuff. Lol.

I’m not sure how many of us with fibro, have cardiac symptoms, but I’m certain that pain and anxiety can affect our heart . When I was experiencing heart palpitations it was always when I was just about to fall asleep, then bam my heart would go crazy, I thought it was odd, off to the cardiologist many times, he just kept saying you have to have some type of stress reduction, I didn’t feel over stressed, but with fibro, we keep so much inside, it can result in palpitations, that being said, palpitation, & racing heart can be dangerous, & after 2 years of going to the cardiologist, they finally did an angiogram & yep I have 40% blockage in my main coronary artery. Always best to get any cardiac symptoms checked out !
Please call your dr.
Hugs & blessings

Hi Dee, Yes, I've had a complete cardiac work up. I take 50 mg. of Atenolol in the evening. I used to have well over 1000 episodes of PVC's daily but since taking the Atenolol some days I don't have any, but most days I still have a handful. I am much relieved to not have over 1000 episodes per day. Thank you for the hugs and blessings, those are always nice! Many more back to you. Kim

I think the first thing you should do is see your doctor for this.

Once you've done that, and if the doctor finds nothing wrong, then I can say that yes, I've had them from time to time. I went to the doc and she found nothing wrong with my heart so I surmise that it's the grrrrrr@%$ fibro again. It happened twice, both times when I was asleep. They actually hurt my chest, my heart pounded so strongly, and it awakened me.

But please, get it checked out. Everyone's different. Just make sure everything's okay.

Oh my gosh, you poor lady! I don't know how you coped with so many palpitations in a day. Thank goodness for meds, so that yours are mostly controlled.

I'm just so glad to hear that you're better. You deserve an award for managing to get through all of those palpitations.



Oh, that really, really stinks. Can you qualify for Medicaid? Or are there any clinics that are low cost? I really hate to see you going through this and not having a doctor to check in with.

Oh man, holy crow, Dee, thank God you got it checked out! Do you need surgery for correcting it? Again, I'm just glad you found out about it.

I went to the emergency room about a month ago with abdominal pain and had a cat scan and received a bill for over 3000$ that I can’t pay (nothing was found). Not going to go that route again. I’m sure ill be fine. The heart is really thumping tonight. It is scary but really nothing I can do. I took a Xanax hoping it will quiet it down. Thanks for your reply though!

What qualifies someone for Medicaid?

Thanks Petunia, no surgery, they want to put me on a medication for my cholesterol, but I have been able to get it down with my diet, it really wasn’t bad, of course exercise & stress reduction most important, I’m trying !
Hugs & blessings

Thank you Petunia. It was kind of funny while I was on the heart monitor because every 1 - 5 times I had an episode I was supposed to call the heart monitor company and download the recordings. After awhile the company told me I didn't need to call so often. I thought that was very humorous!!! I told them I was following my doctors instructions so they could see how often I was actually having the episodes. Anyway, I found it funny!


I definitely agree, it should be thoroughly checked out as soon as you can afford it.

Also, something that helps me is to COUGH, when having the episode. Coughing is like giving your heart a little kick and can get it out of some of the different types of palpitations; PVC's respond to it and so does Atrialfibrulation (sp?).