Does anyone else suffer from heartburn , my heartburn seems to come and go in stages. I might have it everyday for a while then it stops and I won’t have it all .

Sometimes I get it, but not very often. You may benefit from visiting a doctor and asking for a prescription of omeprazol or lansoprazol which are known as proton pump inhibitors. They work wonderfully and without side effect for the majority of people who take them. Mikex

I get it a lot. It comes and goes like yours. My rhuemy put me on Prilosec to help take care of it. It helps when I actually remember to take it.

Hi Michelle,

So sorry you are bothered with this, just want to caution you that you should be talking to your Doctor about this, sometimes we can complicate things with OTC stuff rather than checking it out with a medical professional! Really, it is good advice from experience!

Feel better, and give them a call!