Hello A few reminders

I wound like to say Hello to all our members. Some of you know me I have been out for a while and I would like to Welcome all our new members who I havent met yet.

One of our great mods wrote this for our members and I would like to post it for you all.

I hope that you'll find this a good place for support and information. Just a heads-up: you should know that this site is searchable online. If ____ is your real name, you might want to consider choosing a screen name that conceals your identity a bit better -- there might be people who you'd rather didn't know your whole fibro story. It's easy to change: go to MY PAGE, scroll down to your profile, click on Edit and make your changes. Don't forget to save them at the end!

Have a great day!

Let's Keep it Nice & Clean
  1. Describe (share experiences), not Prescribe (suggest treatment for others).
  2. No spam.
  3. No personal attacks or defamatory posts.
  4. No offensive content (profanity, sexual references, illegal activity subject matter, pornographic material or photos).
  5. No specific doctor or hospital name mentioned in a negative context, for legal reasons. Specific doctor or hospital names in a positive context are welcome.
  6. No sharing of members' posts to other sites without their express permission.
  7. No solicitations or promotions of goods or services. No fundraising without the permission of the moderators.
  8. No email addresses or phone numbers on the forum, for your security
  9. Religious content must be restricted to the Prayer Group.
  10. No politics, please.

Thanks for your cooperation.

As always encourage each other and be kind to yourself and others>