Okay, my issues have been crazy lately. I have surgery on my breast next week. But, now my stomach is acting up-well-it has been about a couple months now. My stool has been yellow. And it is this weird pressure in my upper right part of my stomach-almost feels like when your stomach growls, but, not in the same place. Anyone had anything like this? I feel sick to my stomach a lot and have had a few incidents of vomiting. I know I need to get seen, but, I have had so many appointments for my breasts and Meniere's Disease and my leg not working and other crap that I was hoping this would jst go away, but, I guess when it rains it pours.

Sounds like your pancreas! Are you a consumer of alcohol or have you been in the past? Sounds like what my sister experienced and she liked to drink.

You have a lot going on to begin with and nothing is normal anymore for us. Your symptoms match mine as well but I vomit because of nerve's either a big 'from the toes' sneeze or I vomit from what feels like my toes. TMI ? Anyway...see your doctor and write down stuff before ya go to make sure nothing is left out.

Be sweet to yourself!

Always~Laurel aka Northwoods G-Ma

hi jacqui.. you do have a lot going on. sigh. but these symptoms you describe must be checked right away. can you call one of your docs and let them know what is going on and what to do? if you cant get anywhere i might even suggest that you go to the ER. i am sending good thoughts and prayers for your well being. HUGGGGS


It could be any number of things. You need to tell your Dr. I take prevacid and compazine. I have had stomach problems since birth. But you definitely need to get it check out. Hope you feel better soon.

It does sound like my pancreas from what I have read. I do not drink often, but, the last couple times I had a drink or two, I end up with a nasty episode and throw up and everything. It is also aggravated my fatty foods, so, I bet it does have something to do with that. I went on a low fat diet and stared drinking grapefruit juice until my doctor appointment tomorrow.I have my pre-surgery appointment and figured I will go get seen then. Ugh....I am over sensitive to everything. Seems like every food or medication I have a reaction a horrid reaction. The sun, the heat, the cold, the rain, I am just whining! It is just annoying being sick always no matter what.

Awww! Thank you so much!! I hate being a whiner, but, lately I feel like I can't catch a break. Put on a happy face for everyone, but, I have been in horrid pain in so many different areas. You guys are he best. Thanks for being supportive and letting me vent.