Hernia and Fibro

Hello, I was wondering if anyone experienced having a navel hernia before
Along with Fibro? I never had one before so, trying to cope and take care of my
17 month old as well. I am keeping my head up and trying to stay positive.:slight_smile: I know I can get through this! We all have to try to hang on and take one day at a time.

Hi, thank you for that information:) I read it very helpful. I found out today that I have this
And I am suppose to call a surgeon on Monday.

I am so sorry you had one and that your going through something right now.
I hope everything goes well for you. Did they keep you over night in Hospital when they did
Your surgery? How did that work I wonder?

Thank you and I am sorry to hear you had a lot of surgeries:(.
I had a c section last year so I donโ€™t know what to expect. I am tying to have a possitive

Attitude though through all this.

Thank you so much for your support itโ€™s sweet of you.:slight_smile: and I hope your doing well. Huggssss:)

hi jan. i am not familiar with navel hernia. i have a hiatal hernia and i have to keep a good diet that wont aggravate it plus i take zantac at night. Whomever the doctor was that diagnosed you with this., has he/she given you any treatment? I wish you all the best and HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS