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Has anyone had any luck with any vitamins or herbs that help reduce the pain?


I really struggled in finding pain relief for my fibro but have recently started taking Apple cidar vinegar after finding it on a website. I take one spoonful in a glass of water and I have found that it has eased my IBS symptoms immediately, eased all back pains, reduced my bloating and made me more lively during the day.

I am also trying Enzyme Q10 tablets but I'm not sure how their working yet.

hope this helps


I myself am trying to take my vitamins but tend to be lazy about it. I take so many pills that it is depressing to add more on. But I know I need to. I am willing to try anything to help relieve some of these symptoms and pain.

Some of the ones that I am on and heard helps with Fibro:

Vitamin D3 PLUS Calcium



(the top for all work together, you kinda need one and then the other and the other to work, from what I read)

Omega 3,6,9


Vitamin B's (for energy)

I will have to try the Apple Cider Vinegar. I have heard that it helps with MANY things.

Hi. I have juststarted Magnesium coq10 and d ribose along with a reg. Vitamin. I am feeling more energy although I’m not sure if its just been some good days or if it is really helping. I have tried so many meds that had side effects I am trying to figure out something more natural.good luck.:slight_smile:

I really recommend the Apple Cider Vinegar I really do!! When your taking so many tablets eventually you get blocked and you PH levels are off and so things stop becoming effective. The vinegar detoxes you allowing things to work as they should and helps you keep your PH levels balanced which helps with symptoms such as stomach pain and energy levels. For me it worked almost immediately but for different things it could take time :)

Really hope it helps xx

Protandim - although expensive has helped me significantly.... it is $50 a bottle and to really feel relief I had to take two bottles in a month and then taper back to 1 tablet a day...but this is NOT a cure all - just noticed much more tolerable.

D-Ribose worked for me for a long while. Then I changed brands to a cheaper one and it seemed to stop working as well, so I went off of it. I recently tried Corvalen brand again but I noticed that it had "other ingredients" in it and I'm guessing it was watered down. Maybe that's why the price was cheaper. If you try D-Ribose be sure that it is pure and has no other ingredients. Originally, the Corvalen brand that was pure worked dramatically well for me for reducing pain and giving me energy. Hope that helps.


Mike uses that too, D-ribose.

Hi Kage,

There are so many here who are so knowledgable of herbs, I will let them handle it. Josephina and Willow come to mind, sorry if I have left you out, but there are so many who know their herbs.

I will mention Tumeric, and I will warn you loud and clear please do not buy or take these until you talk to your Dr because of interactions with meds, even possible to have adverse reactions, and will tell you that there are 3rd world countries who produce, market, and sell SYNTHETHIC HERBS. So buyer beware!

The Docs even know about the vitamin/mineral supplements you take. Just carry a list with you to the Dr, and ask, he may have something even more affective.

Be well, be happy,