Supplements for fibro

Hi All!!!

Is anyone taking any supplemements or vitamins that you think is helpful with the pain and inflammation? I'm on Savella which has helped alot (along with anti inflammatories) but I'm always looking for more relief from the pain. I'm starting physical therapy this week so hopefully that helps. I can't imagine doing any exercise because I'm so stiff and painful so we'll see how this goes :)

Thanks, Carol

I had my doctor order a Micronutrient test that measured my vitamins, minerals, antioxidents. The test was done by SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc. It was a good baseline to start with so that the doctor could recommend the appropriate supplements that my body was deficient in. It was really helpful, because there are some vitamins that can be harmful if you take too much of them.

I haven't had much luck with regular physical therapy, too aggressive and my fibro didn't like it. If it doesn't work well for you, might ask your doctor about aquatherapy. He can order it for you and some insurances pay for it and it is gentle, go at your own speed or just float on a noodle. This may loosen you up and keep muscles from weakening. It's relaxing too. Anything relaxing seems to help me.

Take care,