So my husband just said don’t make our son a hypochondriac. My sone has a cold and I told my husband to be gentle with him while getting him dressed, that he may feel achy.

Argh I’m so MAD.

Any advice. Do your husbands say mean things to you.


Hi Joy

i hope your son feels better soon Sorry i can not help with advice on the husband.

I would be mad too. He purposely toke a dig at you. By saying “don’t make the son a hypochondriac” he is in effect calling you one. Don’t let him get under your skin. I am sorry your son is sick. I hope he gets better soon. I hope your husband trips on the stairs. And I hope you can hold your chin up and don’t let it eat at you. Hang in there! Hugs from me!!

Hi Joy,

You're the mom and it's your place to offer motherly comfort. I know that if I were your son, I'd want it. But guys are funny about that stuff. After a certain age they act like nothing hurts them anymore. And they won't talk much! I guess it's what they needed to do when they used to chase bears or lions or whatever thousands of years ago.

I guess it depends upon whether your husband says mean things on a regular basis or if this was a one-off with him. If it's a one-off, I'd try to talk to him when your son is asleep. It's better to not have resentments build up because they can destroy a marriage. If he does this regularly, maybe a counselor could help to break the cycle of verbal abuse. I agree with Tiffany, I think the dig was meant for you and really does need discussion. I'm sorry that you're facing this. This %#@ illness does such a number on us BUT IT DOESN'T SHOW UP ON US. Sooooo unfair.

PS: When I'm mad, I love listening to music that i loved as a teen, the early Beatles. I like to play it loud too, to get back at the person I'm mad at, lol. It beats yelling at them.

This is simple Justamom -- Men are stupid! You have to admit - that's funny coming from me - a man... LOL None the less, it's true. They tend to forget what they were like when they were a kid. Tell your husband there is a difference of being a hypochondriac and being compassionate and caring. He may have been having a bad day but, to me, that's no excuse.

Your advice to him was a sound judgment to make. We all know how achy a simple cold can make us feel.

Slip your husband a happy pill and send him to bed..... He'll be fine in the morning (laughing).


If you listened to the Beatles - You and I must be around the same age. lol

Hello Joy

How old is your son? I'm thinking that he is a little boy, is he? Then your advice is warranted. Some men are not that sensitive toward the things that women are. It sounds like your husband is a macho man who doesn't want you to make a baby out of your son. But there are children whose parents are not very tuned into their needs nor their feelings. That is not making a hypochondriac. Sigh You are trying to make your husband aware that your son may be achy and out of sorts with his cold. Truth be told adults, specially men, can be pretty needy when they have a cold too, right?

I hope your son gets feeling better soon.

Everyone, thank you for your support. My son just turned 4. And my husband is a HUGE BIG BABY when he is sick or even has a sniffle. But yes I think he just wants our son to be strong. :confused: I guess. He is still my baby though and I know when he doesn’t feel good.
My husband jokes a lot. I think that I show he deals. Although so tei eps he hurts my feelings but he probably really doesn’t mean it.
I wish I could give him a happy pill. I told him yesterday he needs Prozac and Xanax.
Thank you all.

Yes for all those that are asking, carter is much better, from the love of mommy and the cozy time we spent together all weekend.
Thank you for asking :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new here but this comment hit home with me for sure. My husband has said that a few times… He can be down right mean! I know it’s out of total frustration but it does not help.

Aww I hope your son feels better. My boyfriend thinks that all I need is a nap and I'll be fine. I've tried explaining it to him again and again... Hopefully it was just your husbands frustration coming out in the wrong way. Sometimes people say boneheaded things.

My sons are grown now but when they were little my husband and Dad wanted to do everything they could to toughen them up. I think it's natural for men to think that way because that is how it is in the real world for men. Both of my kids played Football and their coaches related to them that way, too. So unless he was referring to you maybe he didn't mean to be hurtful.