I feel bad and I really would like some sweets

Why is it that ever since I was a young child whenever I felt bad I would always go toward sugar to help me feel better?

I used to go and buy a package of double stuff Oreo's when I wasn't feeling good and eat a tremendous amount of them. And than I would look at the dunlap around my waste and feel bad about that. It was a vicious cycle.

I don't eat Oreo's anymore because I know I will regret it but I still crave sweets whenever I am struggling with my health. I don't get it....

I like that…over active fork. Eas your doc a comedian in disguise? LOL I also eat when I feel bad. I don’t know why.

Maybe because sugar releases the "feel good" endorphins in the body.

Because it's an enjoyable past time. As others have said, the brain releases "feel good" endorphins which make you feel highly rewarded for your eating. I do the same thing. Maybe some of us have a lack of the seratonin/endorphins needed to feel good without food and food puts us back into a more "normal" range of feeling good. Who knows?

My doctor suggested drinking a glass of water before starting a meal to help fill you up. I'm going to try it with sparkling water instead - tastes better. It might be worth trying for you, too. Anything to tamp down the appetite on my end...

We all have our comfort foods, and they can change on you with no notice! I went for years with little care for sweets, now, forget the salt, give me a chocolate marshmallow milkshake and a Snickers bar! LOL! Not as much candy as that ice cream craving though!

I agree with the feel good thing! Sugar gives you a 'rush'!

oh man I feel ya. I have drank soda, ate whole cakes, cookies and ice cream. . .over the past two months because I am dowwwwwwwnnnn. . . . .I had to go buy fruit just to force myself to step away from the starbursts!!

Omg I have that problem every day!! So addicted to the naughty stuff! I can control my demons for so long then I have to pig out. And I mean PIG OUT!! So disgusting what I eat when I'm naughty, but I can control it most of the time (Cough "yeh right" cough).

Is it worse since the fibro? Mine is and I try to blame it but it's definitley my greedy a** fault. Too much spare time now too, to dream about yummies. I even dream about chocolate, cakes and cookies. lol. How bad is that?!

Do you think, or anyone else, that we burn off carbs quicker because of the pain, and then our bodies cry out for more? I'm sure there is a link there.

Glad you brought it up.

Hahaha! over-active fork. Maybe restless jaw syndrome in my case

High five Mo!! Sound like my twin!

Do you think that the sugar effects or FM negatively. I had some homemade cinnamon bread baked that my mom brought over because they couldn't have the whole loaf at their house because she is diabetic. So I ate 2 slices on Sunday and two slices on Monday. I don't normally eat bread because my wife is Gluten intolerant so when I ate them I was rabid almost. But yesterday I felt bad and today I feel even worse. What do you think is there a connection?

I think there is a connection. I feel a lot "more healthier" (funny or what) not eating the carbs. I always have a carbohydrate hangover on sundays after my saturdays, but I do eat a LOT. I wouldn't think that a couple of slices of cinnamon bread would make much difference, but it might do. We're all different I guess and some people are more intolerant of carbs and gluten etc than others. Maybe keep a diary for a week or two of the food you eat and how your pain and fatigue levels are. You might just see a connection there.