I'm curious... has any one?

Has anyone applied for disability?
Has anyone has won the case?

I just recently applied, but I have this feeling that they won’t approve me. I have Fibro, Post-Traumatic Arthritis (both wrist), Depression, and High BP. I just don’t believe that they (Doctors, SSA), believe that things are as bad as I tell them. This is horrible.

hi - i live in nebraska. had fibro over 35 years. in 2006 it got so bad i had to leave work. i applied for disability just before Labor Day and was approved on October one, 4-5 weeks after application. if i remember right, there was a short waiting period before they sent my first check.

When they diagnosed you?

Wow! Congrats… I heard its a pain to get it; I live in PA…

no, i had fibro probably 20 years before i applied for disability, buy i was shocked it was okayed so FAST. my husband applied for peripheral neuropathy and it took two years and a lawyer for him to receive disability. funny odd stuff.

I was diagnosed over a year ago, but they thought it was Polymyalgia Rehumatica. It’s been about 4 months for the Fibro.

I was diagnosed in my 40’s .I had to quit work at age 50 almost 51.It took me 2 years to get my disability.I am now 65 and I have been drawing SSD ever since.So it is possible to get it.I was turned down from the get go and I filed an appeal and it took me 2 years to get before the judge.But the judge awarded me my didability that very day.Don’t give up.

That is incredible that you were approved in such a short amount of time. I am from New York, waited 2 1/2 years. I then moved to Florida because of not being able to take care of myself. Had my case transferred, then waited another year. Finally approved. I hope you are having a day full of spoons.

I’m in Indiana and just recently applied. I’ll keep you in the loop as to how things are progressing. At this point my lawyer has all the signed paperwork they need, Social Security has all the paperwork they need (hard copy) as of 04/13/2018. So the next step is to wait until we head from Social Security.


I live in California and fortunately was accepted a couple months after I applied. But, I also had lymphoma and depression.

My husband needed a lawyer, he received it after being denied once. I understand that if you have multiple diagnoses you generally have a better chance. So if you have arthritis, or full blown depression, something major like that, it is easier to be accepted. Many people just hire a lawyer on contingency who will mostly apply for you. Most people are rejected but many can get on disability after appealing, and lawyers can help with the whole process. I didn’t need one, but I also had other diagnoses and am a bit savvy about medical issues since I work in the medical field, so applying was easier for me than for my husband, for instance. Hope this helps!

I live in New Zealand. We receive a weekly payment 80% of wages, home help, specialist visits. It has made it all bearable. I could never have kept the house up when I was in the bad stages. I was cut off twice but won it back in Court.

_It took a year but I was granted disability but more because of the depression than the fibro. The judge was more interested in my serious suicide attempt after I became ill, but he did ask me about the limitations I had with fibro also, so…not sure. I have to say, having the disability and the medical coverage is a huge wonderful relief. I was in the ER 5 times last winter and admitted 3 times and the bills totaled over 35,000 bucks. :open_mouth: