Is Losing Weight impossible for you too? Is your appetite out of whack? and do others constantly tell you losing weight will cure most of your problems grrr :(

I have gained weight since my ankle fusion surgery done back in March. Back in hosp in April with blood clots in my lungs and the saddle clot that almost took my life. Just a brief explanation as to why I have sat around no weight bearing for 4 mths and have not bounced back yet and put on about 12 lbs Not good for arthritis or anything else really. I can't do it, I can't seem to find food that is affordable that is good for me and that I can keep in the house on a weekly basis, our financial situation is not good. My appetite is up and down on a daily basis, sometimes I don't' feel like eating, sometimes I am nauseous from eating, sometimes My IBS has me running to a bathroom shortly after eating. I feel like I can't eat anything sometimes with out some kind of issues. Water/Bread is about it. I can't eat like the doc tells me I need to eat to boost my metabolism. And today at lunch eating a slice of pizza I had to cut my lunch short with my sister and literally RUN to the bathroom, sometimes nothing stays in and runs right through me. WTH. I told her I wish there was something I could do to help and she said I have 2 thingsā€¦. Lose weight and eat right. I said you try losing weight with the legs I have and the problems with my muscles/joints/toes/feet/knees/ etc.. I just wanted to cry I know she is only trying to help but she has no idea what I go thorough on a daily basis and how these diseases affect everything I do including eating. I prob have a dead metabolism because sometimes food is good and many times I can't or don't like to eat yet I stay heavy. 5"5 210 now I wasn't ever even over 190 pregnant full term. SO this stinks! I wish there was a way for me to stay on a good eating pattern. :(

I could not loose weight when I was on lyrica. Can you see a dietitian that could take all your medical problems in to account and come up with a diet that would be healthy and not cost to much. Groceries have gotten way to high. We usually have a garden but did not this year and I was so surprised at the cost of every thing.

Your weight is what mine is, and Im the same way I didnt weigh this much when I was pregnant either. I have gained about 10 pounds this year, and all my jeans from last winter are tight and uncomfortable. My Ob/gyn tells me to exercise, but they just dont understant I have limited energy. If I exersise, that is half my energy for the day gone. :(

I used to have a huge problem with IBS. I know your food budget is limited, but eating food high in carbs can cause the IBS. Just try cutting back on pizza, fries, chips and see if it helps. Those are the main ones that caused it for me. Also try whole wheat bread instead of white, that might help too. Im telling you this from experience, it really helped me.

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