Wondering how many of us fight with our weight

I am overweight. I have been on weight watchers since just after Christmas and have lost over 40 pounds. I have figured out that I don’t stress eat but I do pain eat and now my new med makes me hungry so I am having an even harder time loosing weight and I was just wondering how many others of us struggle with this. Thanks for you input.

I have an air popper and love popcorn but it still has points and most of the time I have no points left. I think I may just start saying its zero points and eat it all the time.

Yes I have always struggled with my weight. I’m on Lyrica now and have gained 30+ lbs … But I’m determine to lose it. I’m a night-shifter and that makes it even harder. I try to take nutritional conscious food at night. Exercise is what keep my weight down but no energy. I’m working on it though. Any ideas?

That's amazing Becca !! Congratulations !

By no means is that an easy feat, especially when in pain. Since my fibro flared 3 years ago and hasn't stopped yet, I've gained a lot of weight. A LOT. Most of it after I started taking Neurontin. I take responsibility for some of the weight gain, but I refuse to take the blame for it all !

i think the meds we take have a huge effect on our weight. i am not the size i would like to be but i just make it a point to try to eat healthy and what ever happens happens. i dont stress about my weight.

u should really feel great about losing the 40 pounds that could not have been easy. congtrats.

i do know that threre r natural things u can take that r supposed to help with being hungery. i dont know names i have just heard about it. maybe try that route as well as the weight watchers.

Unfortunately I think that was the older program and the new program is different. But thanks.

Thanks everyone for your replys. I am proud of loosing what I have. I just wish it wasn’t so easy to put it back on and I would like to loose more. Thanks again everyone.