Is this Fibro related?

Not sure if this is Fibro or if I have something else going on . . . any ideas?

I’ve dealt with it for a while now with my left leg but then yesterday it was with both legs. When getting in the car I have difficulty with picking my feet up high enough to get them into the car. It is kinda like my legs are really stiff but not quite. It isn’t painful, it just feels like I have no strength to pick them up, yet I usually am not having a lot of trouble standing. When it is just my left leg, I can get into the car with my leg still out of the car. Then I can grasp my knee and help to pick up my foot. I haven’t really worked out a way to do it with my right leg yet.

The other issue I have noticed more is my balance is sometimes off. I’m not dizzy or light-headed, but at times I look like I have had one to many to drink.

I have exactly the same issues and these symptoms didn’t come into my life until I was diagnosed with fibro. So, yes, I am assuming that they are part of the fibro. I remember reading that “perceived weakness” is a common fibro experience.

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I have definitely had the balance issues. I just feel clumsy sometimes. I haven’t had the heaviness and trouble lifting my legs, and my legs have always been my worst part. That’s not to say that it’s not related. You can have a whole room of fibro patients, and we’d all have different symptoms. It’s the strangest thing. It never hurts to let your doctor know you’re having these symptoms. If he/she wishes to run some tests, it doesn’t hurt anything. Plus, then your doctor has this new symptom on record. Your doctor may have some tips or tricks to make things easier for you.

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Never hurts, but never helps either. He decided it was “just severe arthritis” last fall and told me I would “just have to learn to live with it.” Now I owe almost $1,500 dollars for dr. visits, labs and an ER visit - I have no income, no health insurance . . .

Oh no! I’m so sorry. Praying hard that these things will change for you.

The symptoms you are talking about, started for me when I was having knee and hip problems (mostly hip). They had to do tests/MRI and to find it. But I ended up having a hip replacement because of this. It had nothing to do with my Fibromyalgia at all. And I had Fibro then also… It sounds like a weakness in the muscles in your leg/hip. I had balance problems also, but that is because I was trying to protect my one side over the other.
I would have it all checked, just in case, I have had since a replacement, a knee replacement, the 2nd hip and herniated and bulging discs. Also, back surgery.
So before you connect it with fibro, please have it checked…
I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help any. Blessings to you!!

I have had similar issues mainly on the left but during more severe flair ups it does jump around to the right side.

I also have anxiety and more stress over not being able to do what I used to. It sometimes manifests into knots in my lower back(mostly on the left which are very sensitive) and squeezes the nerves causing back, leg, and hip pain. It sometimes makes it difficult to do anything. I have a cabinet full of meds and I take them all. It sucks but I am getting use to it just being my life now. Sometimes icy hot and an ice pack helps.