Just Diagnosed - Symptoms

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia took almost a year.
Does anyone have the burning through your face, and has to use eye drops every 4 hours or so.

Dragon, my eye have become a lot drier and itchy but it is not allergy-itchy, it is different. My eye doctor sold me drops “FreshKote” that do help, if I am timely putting them in. If I wait too long and my eyes are already irritated, then the drops burn at first but still effective. The bottle says “The Clear Solution” and “Lubricant Eye Drops” and they are distributed by FOCUS Laboratories, Inc in Little Rock, Arkansas. I hope this helps you, RA:)

I don’t have anything wrong with my face but my feet always hurt real bad especially when wearing shoes and it’s an indescribable feeling. I also have to use a heating pad on them to fall asleep.

My face use to burn constantly a cold wind would bring it on,cold weather would also.My Dr put me on pain meds and it is gone,my Rhumetologist put me on Cymbalta and pain all gone.I could not take Lyrica because I could not male a complete sentence.

As FM advances, the burning in random areas turned into, fire, ice or both that consumes my whole body. Could also be medication. When I was the test dummy I analyzed each new medication the wanted me to try. When you start a new medication, try to keep your diet GI friendly as possible. Any change can affect the way the pharmaceuticals work

Hi. I wake up during the night with my eyes feeling puffy and dry. I’ve had to add drops for relief during the day also.

Also have had the face burning, like a sunburn. I hate that we all have complications but it’s nice to find out we are not alone in all the random issues with fibromyalgia.

Take a wash cloth run the hot water on it and place it on your eyes for the puffiness. Do it a few times as warm as u can take it. It works for me. I wake up in the am with the same sometimes.

Previous reply is for the eyes the burn in the face may need cold wash cloth.