Migraines, headaches and sinus pressure?

I've dealt with Migraines, headaches and sinus pressure for years. But it seems that in the last year or so the pain has worsened by double. I have a migraine and/or sinus headache (sometimes at the same times) at least 3-4 days out of the week. Some of it may also be stressed related. My doctor is sending me to a headache specialist. Today I woke up in the middle of the night just to turn and adjust myself and the pain in my head was horrific. I felt like it was going to explode and couldn't open my eyes, even in a dark room. And then I woke up with the pain as well. No one should WAKE UP with a headache. I take over the counter Excerdrin Migraine (actually the Walmart version) and sometimes Tynol Sinus pain and pressure.

What do you take to help?

Do you think you are getting more headache/migraine/etc due to the Fibro?

Is your's food, stress or unknown related?

Any triggers?

Best way to relieve it, other than meds?


And do you think your pain meds are causing more migraines and such? I've noticed an increase but not sure what to think. All I know is how much pain I am in. It's hard to seperate which is from which and why, at times.

I get ocular migraines more than really painful ones, so I end up seeing sparkles and wiggly lines with vertigo. The ONLY thing i've found that helps is taking a nap :/. For me, if I get a bad migraine i'm off for the day, I can't focus and can barely move, can't walk without help. If it does come with pain then it can sometimes take me another day to recover. I know i'm much more likely to get a migraine if i'm switching around medicines or adding new ones, or if i'm dehydrated.

For me, they have increased along with fibro and more meds. I'm not sure which if either has caused it though.

I am getting Botox injections now every 3 months for migraines, but mine have been medically documented for decades. The only drug that helps in between is zomig 5 mg. Nothing else works. I have tried them all over around a 30+ year period. I have never noticed any triggers except cigarette smoke, and I am rarely around that anymore. No one I know smokes. The new laws have helped me a lot. I do think I get more because of the fibro. Nothing over the counter will touch it. My greater occipital nerve is my main problem now with fibro. Have your dr check it out. The pain clinic is treating me now.

Good luck Chelle and thank Obama.

yeah ... I also noticed a increase in vertigo. And yes I will get checked out by my doctor for these things. I just feel like a hyprocondriac half the time. There is something new every freakin day. But not only that, by the time I get to one of my 3 doctors, I forget that was wrong with me. I need to start writing when and where it hurts and stuff. Thanks :)

Oh, I'm sorry! So very sorry! Awful pain to go through.

I've been getting sinus headaches lately, due to humidity.

Food can trigger headaches. Cheese, chocolate, wine,things with preservatives. You should try writing a diary of everything you eat and see if there's a commonality.

I do wish you the best. Headaches are awful.

Migraines are very common with fibro. Have you asked about being on a migraine prevention medicine? Lyrica luckily seemed to get rid a lot of mine. Also you might want to see an ENT if you feel that you have genuine sinus pressure. I had a sinus infection for 6 months that ended up completely blocking my sinuses before they caught it.

Hello, I really don’t have any helpful information just my current experience to add to the discussion. I also have had headaches for as long as I can remember but of course have been getting progressively worse over the last few years. This last year I had been having headaches daily with migraines two to three times a week when my new doctor finally put me on a beta blocker which is a preventative. As the doc kept putting me on various drugs for fibro I came to the realization I had a drug sensitivity and the headaches came back even though on the beta blocker. So, got off everything except beta blocker and no headaches for months now. However, here lately (last two weeks) have been getting frequent headaches again. :frowning: Well, I have a Doc apt. Monday so I have no idea what to do for me but maybe beta blocker will help you :wink:

I got my Botox Monday. I take topamax 500 mg. as a preventative. I can take Zomig, bu not the cheaper type of migraine drugs. Good luck.