My latest diagnosis, Osteopenia!

Yep, it's Fosamax time! Not thrilled after reading the problems many have had with this, but will give it a go Will be seeing my DC next week, he is the guy to talk to about this, time to up the calcium or change to something better/stronger, I think. He will know.

I don't know what the number was, he will talk to me about this.

So the surgery waits...

Thanks, I do already take the suggested stuff! Even have Renie's approval. This is recommended by my Chiropractor, but he may have a better idea, will see in a few days, he will have the results too!

Yes, I'm not happy about Fosamax, not at all! Would rather take the vitamins! The more the better, too many problems with too many people, and I'm sensitive to meds, believe it or not!

Hmmmm, Fosamax. I hate to even mention this but Fosamax does have some small but serious risks. If you don't want to see them, just skip the links I'm providing:

Just be careful with it if you use it, SK. It's good that you'll see your DC and can run it by him.


Hi SK, the Fosamax is a good idea !!!
Keep us updated,

Sending big hugs

Thanks dee, you know I value your opinion!

Oh, I know you were hoping it wasn't this. This is the deal breaker for the surgery...for now anyway?

Well, I have known several people on Fosamax with no problems. If Calcium works that's good too, but I don't think it's near as effective as Fosamax. My Mom took it effectively with no problem.

Love and hugs, SK. No worries, One foot in front of the other. I'm so glad you're back! You were greatly missed.


Hey there,

At least when they give you a diagnosis you know what it is... which has to be better than having the symptoms but not knowing.

I hope that they will be able to help you more... lots of vitamin D and calcium for you I take it xx

The Rheumatology nurse called this am about the tests results sent to them. She asked what calcium supplement I was taking, said she would talk to the Dr and get back to me! We'll see, gotta do what they say!

I would safely say the surgery is OFF for now!

*hugs*, I really hope that they get you back on the mend soon. I wish there was something I could do to help you x

wow, I have full out osteoporosis, with a -3.5 and can't take any of the medications for it! My RA doc wanted to give me the shot, but my insurance won't pay for it. I feel for you, make sure to take it seriously now, because I was where you were two years ago, and now I have .5 until there isn't anywhere else to go! I'm sorry you have to go there, its no fun! Good luck and make sure you take the added vitamin b

My Chiropractor put me on these years ago, said I could take either 2 a day or 4, I just upped it to 4, and I see him Wednesday, he'll know where to go with this, so I'll pass along any wisdom he shares, Jackie!

Sorry you are dealing with this too! We can improve this, I know! Our friend and nurse 'allergic' was telling me a friend of hers started something called 'AlgaeCal' and in about a year went from Osteoperosis to Osteopenia. If I forget to bring this up again, just leave me a message!

We'll try to beat this together!

Wishing you well, and sending a hug!


I'll find out my number from my DC this Wednesday. I have all results go to all Doctors, and usually the DC explains it better than my MDs! He keeps me on my feet!

I have it in the family history, on my Mom's side that has the PsA, and after a total pan hyst at 23, could not keep the hormone tabs down, didn't have hormones for 10 years, and have worn the patch since! So double trouble there! I'm gonna beat this one though!