My Morning

I woke up this morning feeling like I always do, like most, if not all, of you do. I rolled out of bed and went to wake up my daughter (9 almost 10). She opened her eyes and immediately smiled and gave me a big hug. She does not care that I can't do as much as I used to, she does not care if I don't clean the house, she does not care that I can't go to work anymore. She loves me for me.

So today, I will love me for me. I'm ok with whatever I can do today. And today when my daughter get home from school and asks me how my day was, I can honestly tell her it was good. It's good because I know she loves me for exactly who I am TODAY...

Great post, Gaila. :)


Have a great weekend!


that is very lovely indeed!! HUGGGS

Gaila, what a wonderful posting. You have learned the most important coping strategy for dealing with accept things the way they are.

I hope that every member reads your posting.

Ah Gaila, your daughter is very lucky to have you! There is nothing like a child to melt your heart!

Here's wishing you many more of those good days!



Awesome :slight_smile:
Love this post. Very inspiring.

I loved reading this. It was simple and sweet, but so inspiring. Children are beautiful blessings, you are one lucky pair to have such love for each other. I wish you both all the best!

Your story put a BIG smile on my face. Thank You for sharing it.. :)

Awwwwww, how cute of her! The best medicine is the hug of a child. They love you like no one else on earth. Bless your little one. What a sweet thing for her to do.



Thanks for sharing your awesome story. It lifted my spirits. It sure sounds like you have a wonderful daughter and she is very lucky to have a mom like you. The apple rarely falls far from the tree!!!!

Singingtrees XXX