New to the group

Hi everyone! I was just diagnosed in May of this year. I have Fibro, IBS and arthritis in my hands, knees and ankles. I also suffer from panic attacks. I try to be positive but it really gets me down sometimes.
Thank you to everyone who welcomed me!

Hi Carla Every one gets down it is part of the fibro. You can always come here to vent anytime. I have found a warm bath helps with the pain and stretching. My physical therapist gave me exercises to do with my hands and they seem to help their is a group here for people with arthritis and several other groups if you would like to join them. Again welcome.

Hi carl I'm so glad you have reached out for support the people here are wonderful, it is a difficult diagnosis to come terms with, them you have to find a doctor who takes the condition seriously, then you have to get the right group of medications that you can tolerate thiere side effects. The panic attacks could be from a bad jdrug interaction ask you pharmacist it is always good to ask for a print out out on all your medications. Fibro and arthritis go hand in hand but about the IBS have these synptoms been diagnosed by a doctor you have to be carful no to blame fibro for all your conditions it's not medicaly safe to do that so Warm Hugs and I hope you are making friends Jeannie

Hi Carla! Welcome to the group!

Sorry you are suffering, hopefully you can work with your Doctor and find some meds that are helpful to you. We have a group Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, that you may be interested in joining.

This will get you 'down' sometimes, chronic pain always does, but there are so many good meds on the market. Has the Doctor told you what kind of arthritis you have? A Rheumatologist diagnosed me, though my Internist was not far off the mark. The Internist thought I had RA, but I have Psoriatic Arthritis, without the Psoriasis, so the mistake is understandable.

We're glad to have you here, learn all you can, get all symptoms and problems documented, as this will help you down the line.

Wishing you well,