Newbie first support group diagnosed 2009

Hello this is my first post. I fell down 2 flights of stairs at work in 2007 and was diagnosed with fibro in 2009. My name is Nicola. I live in the uk, am 39 and a single parent to an 18 year old (very unsympathetic) boy. I have had many treatments and therapies and the list of meds I have been on is a mile long. I have never joined a support group though. I am having a tough time just now so thought it was worth a try. Ups and downs are part of fibro but it has hit me pretty hard this time. I went to my local support group once and I was the only one under 60 so felt alienated. I just thought it would be nice to talk to people that understand when I say the pain is swallowing me and I am on the floor unable to move. I have also been diagnosed with arthritis, permanent nerve damage, sciatica, IBS, depression, reynauds and I have some spinal abnormalities due to the accident. I think that’s about everything. Thanks for listening/reading. X

Hi reculver74 welcome to the group. I’m a new to here too and I have already found many supporters and so many stories that I relate too. Jump in is the best way :slight_smile: I’m a mom I have three of my own ages 22,18 and 4 and I have two step ages 16 and 9. I understand unsympathetic. Mostly my husband. My oldest are girls my 18 year old is the toughest one, she cares but thinks fibro is fake. My 22 year old doesn’t live with me, and unfortunately I don’t see her much, her life keeps her busy, she does check on me though. I’m only 41 and most days I feel like I’m 80… Before starting lyrica recently I thought i would die from the pain, I’m so glad to have tried it, and it does help. Anyways welcome to this amazing group, I hope you find a place here like I have. I understand how you feel and I’m here for you.


I only have one at least that’s only one murder charge lol I am 39 but don’t feel like it. Is lyrica pregablin or gabentin. We don’t tend to use brand names in the uk. I have had both. I am so glad i joined so much info. I was diagnosed in 2009 and only this week heard of fibro fog I thought it was just me and side effects.

Hi Nicola, I joined about 3 weeks ago. I don't have much time to be on this site but when I am I don't feel so isolated. So glad you joined. I'm sure you can remember your life before fibro, I can and my life changed in 1973. Hang in there, I hope we can be friends

It’s pregablin… Yes fibro fog is a big problem with me. I make lists and set many alarms and reminders.

Hi Nicola and welcome. This is a good place to come to for help. There are a lot of nice people here who try to answer your questions or just cheer you up.

Your prior fall --- wow. That's all i can say. You're lucky you survived it. Was that the onset of your fibro? Oftentimes major events or accidents bring on the fibro.

Please know you're not alone with those tough times. We all get them, some people more than others but we all suffer here. Being swallowed up in pain is kind of our norm, unfortunately. So is being on the floor, unable to get up or move. The thing is, though, that each of us offers another on here a hand - figuratively - to help them feel better. We don't want other people to suffer from this AND feel like they're the only one, with nowhere to turn.

You suffer from some pretty painful stuff aside from the fibro. Many of those things go hand in hand with fibro, although I don't know why. But that gives you a lot to cope with. Your 18 year old son is probably typical of 18 year olds but he should be proud of you, as you're parenting him on your own while you suffer from all of this. It really does take a tough person to handle it all. And you're doing it. I will say I'm impressed by that.

Please feel free to join us on discussions. We also have blogs here and chats. Probably other things as well. I'm a bit out of date on everything here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. This is a very weird illness and can manifest in many different ways. Even the pains can feel different in different body parts. But we'll try to help you get more of a handle on fibro.



Hello Nicola

At 18 some children can not except that their parent is sick and they feel helpless to help and it comes out wrong when they say things. We are here to listen any time you want to talk or have a question you are not alone, Their are also several members in the uk.

Hi thanks for replying. It is so nice to talk to people that understand. Even though I have had fibro for 7 years diagnosed for 5 I have never felt so isolated. I have been in worse pain and more stressful life situations but I am just struggling. I am sending you a friends request. Best wishes from my sofa in the uk Nicola

It doesn’t help that mine is a selfish little so and so. I joined a UK site at the same time. I have not had any replies yet. It’s so friendly on here. I like the idea that i may be able to help, use some of my experiences far and wide as they are. A bit of a silver lining it would be nice to feel useful again.

Welcome to the group Nicola. I’m sorry you’re having so many problems. As a retired teacher, I’ll assure you a lot, even good children think the world revolves around them. My aunt just called this morning needing money because her car has been repossessed and she owes back property taxes because her grandson she’s raising is bankrupting her. He won’t keep a job but expects everything. He’s in his 20s. I understand. I couldn’t give her $2000. My med bills are way too much. You’re dealing with too much. I too have multiple diseases. Most of us probably do. It just exacerbates the fibro. The pain between my shoulder blades is horrible. My new insurance is terrible. I feel for you. I really do. Oh, I was allergic to Lyrica. I don’t have a magic answer. Nyucenta is the pain med I use.

Reculver 74,

As a child of a single parent with MS, I know my mom said I was a "selfish so and so" many times. I was angry. My mom started showing signs of MS when I was 8 and had her first episode when I was 13. They told her she would never walk again. However, she taught herself to walk in a month. But that meant at 13 I had to grow up and be responsible. We moved in with my grandparents for a year and not only did I have to take care of her but also my grandparents and my brother. I didn't get to get off the school bus and run play because I had to make dinner, do laundry, sweep floors, ect. Also, she was on disability so there was no money. We lived off of $400 a month. Which paid the rent and utilities and that was it. So I couldn't go places my friends were going. I couldn't wear the clothes my friends were wearing. Now I know that that was all material but at the time it meant a lot. Also, her pain was not visible. If someone has a broken bone you can see there is a problem and help and its for a period of time. Our issues don't go away in 6 weeks. So your son is probably angry that you can't do the things you used to be able to do, that he can't see your pain to know what to do to help and that you guys can't do things together that you used to do. I remember being very angry that me and my mom couldn't go to the mall and walk around like other mother and daughters my age. So while he may be a selfish so and so know that it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. It might also mean that he is frustrated because he can't control your pain or understand it. I'm saying all this because I'm learning how to deal with my own selfish, 40 year old, 13 year old, 12 year old and 7 year old.

Gentle hugs to you and hang around because this is a great group to help you through the bad days.