Night sweats

I am interested to know if anyone gets night sweats. I feel the cold all the time and my husband always says it doesn't matter how much pain I am in I rarely complain, but when I am cold I turn into Godzilla. At night I am the complete opposite and feel myself burning up and constantly throwing off the quilt. I can actually feel my '-skin hot and my nightclothes sticking to me. Any tips?

Hi Cookie, I’m cold most of the time as well and spend a lot of time under a blanket, even on some hot summer days. I seldom get night sweats unless my blood sugar is too low, but I do get burning hot a few hours after I fall asleep and spend the rest of the night alternating between having a sheet on me or pulling a quilt over me. I found not long after I take off the quilt, I start to get cold and have to pull the quilt back on. get hot again, cold again and on and on. I would also appreciate some tips; it’s no wonder we get so tired.

I do this my doctor said it was the side effect of my plaquinl I take for my lupus. I know it drives me crazy since I already went thru the change of life. The only time I feel cold is when I have over done it and am fatigued. Hope someone has an answer.

Several things could be going on here cookie! I don't know how old you are, but there is the possibility of pre-menopause (which can begin in your 30's like me!) or menopause; also hypothyroidism (which I have), or as someone mentioned perhaps a side effect to some drug you're taking. We keep our bedroom rather cold...brrrr we have extra blankets if needed, works for me for better sleep rather than a warm room. Put socks on your feet when you first go to bed if you're cold, then remove them when you're comfortable. We will not sleep well if we're cold OR hot!! Good luck and happy sleeping dear! Lori

Oh yes Cookie, I have the night sweats. This night sweating is much more bothersome lately. I never used to sweat so this is an unusual feeling. The other night I had to change my nightgown twice. I don't have any magic answers. I just can agree with you as it is very bothersome.

I have to sleep with my electric blanket n for pain soothing. The funny thing is electric blanket if on full and the fan on the side of the bed is going as well. I don’t like the overheating I feel and somehow the fan blowing cold on my face makes me feel less body hot. I know it sounds strange but I really do need the electric blanket going to soothe the body pain.

It makes sense to me. It wouldn't make sense to people who don't have fibro or whoever doesn't have this problem with nightsweats. And it's not something that you get used to, is it?