I'm pretty freaked out at the moment. Ever see the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray kept reliving the same day over and over again no matter what he tried? I just had a nightmare like that. I was trying to get out of bed to get a glass of water, but couldn't. The covers were smothering me, I'd get tangled up in them, and no matter what I tried, I'd "wake-up" again in bed with the covers back over me. Once I made it to the kitchen but when I tried to drink, the water would run out of the glass but never make it my mouth. It felt so real, I thought it was a hallucination and was going to call 911 but never made it to the phone. Then finally on one attempt to escape from my bedroom, I prayed to God to please help me. When I made it to the bedroom door I realized it wasn't my door and I turned back to bed and asked God for help again then just let myself fall, but instead of falling, I floated to the ground like you would in a cartoon and when I woke up he next time, I really woke up and jumped up and turned on my light and got a glass of water. Now I'm afraid to go back to bed.

Reading on WebMD, it sounds like Sleep Paralysis. Putting a name to it doesn't make me feel any better though. Or like going back to bed.

Yep they are and I have them all the time. Frickin awful scary things arent they! I’m so sorry you experienced this. It’s when you’re trapped between awake and sleep state. They really mess your head up for a while and you don’t want to go to bed ever again. Do you have night terrors too? We have to cope with so much don’t we?! I really wish people would “get it”.

I hope you don’t have these again but at least you know what they are. Docs are pretty clueless about them too. Do you have sleep Meds? Sometimes they help and some make it worse. I guess our messed up sleep problems make it harder to get a balance on everything. The pain whilst we sleep doesn’t help so try to get yourself as comfortable as possible before you attempt some much needed rest at night.

I have sleep peralisis. I swear I can hear and sometime see whats going on around me and I think I am moving and talking but I can’t. I have tried to ask for help but obviously I’m not actually speaking. It has happened often enough that I relize what is happening, but it is still scary cause I can’t just wake up. Good luck