Does anyone have weird dreams too?

Omg I have had some freaky ones lately.

Last night I dreamed that my Mum had died and everyone was trying to cover it up. It was awful! She does have bi-polar so I'm always worried if she will OD again.

But since having the fibro pain etc, and probably the pills are to blame too, I have had some nasty dreams. A lot of death, and near death ones.

I also dream of chocolate and cakes which is a nice change! lol

What dreams do you have? Are they re-occuring or relate to pain? Or "dreams" you would like to become a reality?

I guess I am lucky, I don't remember my dreams at all, except for a few. I haven't for years. It might be from one of the medications. Remron does that to my husband, but he needs it for sleep, so its a double edged sword.

Good luck with finding out which is the source!

I have the strangest dreams on a nightly basis. I'm not sure if its from the fibro or taking something to help me sleep. I often have pain in my dreams and wonder if it's because I'm having a bad flare up and it manifests in my dream. I take tylenol pm to sleep but I still have crazy dreams without it also. I dream of death and pain but also of lots of fun at water and amusement parks too. hope this helps.

I have freaky dreams all the time, the other night I had a dream I was a counselor at a camp and this toddler kept following me around and this other counselor started yelling at the head counselor " is this why we’re not supposed to touch them, is this why we’re not supposed to pick them up!" and then the kid followed me through a fence, then I was laying on a bed for some reason and this little kids head came around the bed and then he grabbed my finger and bit it off. I woke up and my 2 year old was laying across be and had my finger in a death grip and it completely freaked me out. I had to make my husband wake up and take her back to her room.

Thanks Wendy, I will check it out.

Yes we do seem to dream about what our bodies are feeling sometimes. Water and amusement parks sound fun. Maybe thats where you would really like to go some time. We all need some fun on our lives! Us more than the "healthies"!

Yes, I do too. Some are so real that I'll actually get out of bed and turn the lights on! According to my sleep doc when you sleep well you should not remember your dreams. If you do, you're dreaming in a "non deep sleep state" which is a common problem with fibro. I have some dreams that recurr - I will dream about where I grew up or about my previous job. Weird stuff. lol

Awww lol, thats so weird, but totally understandable. Aww bless!! That would have freaked me out too. I bet you thought your 2 year old was the evil toddler in your dream all day lol. It really messes your head up when you wake up from these dreams, and puts you in a weird mood for the day.

Thanks for sharing Rebecca. I'm glad I'm not the only one, although I wouldn't wish it on others. here's a topic that interests me greatly! Dreams......

From my experience it's been a real eye opener when it comes to dreaming. I have dreams that i am flying, travel to different places, dream of family members, all kinds and lots of different types, like happy, sad, death, etc.

Dreams help you deal with problems and it also helps others too when you know what your dream is telling you. I have books on this topic and would love to get into a discussion or maybe even help others try to figure out what their dreams are trying to tell them.

Lately i have found a site where there's specialists working with others to work on their's called "New DreamWork" and if anyone is interested in checking out the site here's the link listed below:

New DreamWork

I have use other books to help me in my knowing what the dreams mean to me. There are 2 dream dictionaries i use.

This new site listed above is something new for me and am still studying and learning that they suggest that using a dream dictionary isn't as useful as they explain. My thought on this is that people have different ways to approach this topic and I am trying to find the simpleist way for me to understand.

I hope this helps anyone who's wanting to know all about their dreams and what they mean to you.

Thank you for letting me post this message, Have a great day everyone.

I have freaky ones too and they seem sooooooooo real. I dreamed of my first husband the other night. He was alive and well (he died after we were married three years) and we were still married. He was so very handsome and our life was wonderful and full. When I woke up, I thought it was him in the other room and not my hubby. Weird. I also dream that I miss my final exam in college and don’t get to graduate. Scary! My dreams are so real. Oh yeah, last night I dreamed that someone was telling me that I had a big swath of sparkle on my face instead of makeup. Maybe I am simply going loco!

Ah, that's interesting that we should not remember our dreams etc. I find I dream about the past too, especially things that I miss before I got the fibro.

Yes, I have always been interested in dreams too and often look them up in dream dictionaries etc, in books or on the internet. Sometimes they're not so scary as you think.

Flying and journey dreams are quite common too aren't they. Sometimes they represent our hopes or fears, and sometimes they predict the future. It's good to keep a diary too so you learn to remember your dreams, which will help in your awake life.

It's just the death and pain dreams that upset me. I understand they are not "real" but they do freak you out for a while don't they.

Thanks for your help Patricia!!

I was just going to mention that happened while I was on a medicine, when I saw you mention it could be meds. I had horrible and too realistic dreams. It was so bad I almost had PTSD from the dreams alone. When I got off the anti-depressant, the dreams went away. I learned about Sam-e, a natural anti-depressant that helps 14 brain and body chemicals, and that worked better for me than any prescription. Its a chemical that is already in your body, but those with chronic illness burn it up faster. It helps with stress and pain and sleep and muscle spasms and depression and especially arthritis. It was created for arthritis, but everyone started claiming how their depression was gone, so it began to be used as an anti-depressant. The cheapest places to buy them are Wal-Mart, and It only takes 3 days to see if it works, not 6 weeks, and if you skip a few days or go off, there's no withdrawal like prescription antidepressants. Legally I need to say to check with your Dr. if you want to try this with or instead of other meds, but realistically I know that modern doctors know very little about anything that is not prescription.

The dreams I was having involved my husband who had just desserted his little family, and dreams of his mother and his mistress. The anti-depressant was supposed to help me get through the divorce, and it actually made it much worse, and delayed my healing from it because of the nightmares.

Aww thats sad, but I believe it was a good sign that he is doing just fine on the other side.

I dream of one of my cats that passed a lot, which you just helped me remember. The day before he died, I knew somehow and I spent the whole day and night with him, hugging him ad telling him I love him etc. Awww still brings a tear. I still miss all my babies so much.

The college dream is interesting too. Did you have this problem before or is it because you feel like you're left out because of the fibro? I ask because I dream that I am trying to get ready (hair and makeup)to go out with friends etc but it takes so long that they've gone home by the time I get there. I guess they may have similar meanings. Just checked up "late" dreams, and this is what I found:

To dream that you are late signifies your fear of change and your ambivalence about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unready, unworthy, or unsupported in your current circumstances. Additionally, you may be
overwhelmed or conflicted with decisions about your future.

Aw bless you Sheila, they must have been horrible for you. I hope you beat the crap out of the mistress then. If not, I will find her in my sleep tonight and do the job for you. Some people are so sefish and dishonest it makes me mad!

I will check out the Sam-e, if they have it in this country. There are some less harsh medcations on the shelf sometimes, with less side effects too.

Sweet dreams!


very interesting post. thanks so much for sharing!

Oh Jo, I didn't see that you are in UK. Sam-e is a prescription there, and over the counter here, but still all natural. You might take your Dr. a page about Sam-e from the internet to educate him, so you can try it. I know that the 2 websites I mentioned ship anywhere world wide, but i don't know if your Border Customs would allow that one (Sam-e) into the country. The one that gave me nightmares is called Paxil. You might want to compare your meds and Paxil to see if they are in the same drug family.

Ha! Thanks for the offer, Jo! I think they are getting what they are due. They got married and are really miserable together.

Oh thats good then lol. What goes around comes around!!

Thanks Scott! lol